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Hurricane Relief

The federal agency tasked with managing billions in long-term hurricane-relief money is on the Trump administration's chopping block.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 21:32:15

Lumberton Visit

Almost a year after Hurricane Matthew hit the southeastern part of the state, Gov. Roy Cooper visited an apartment complex in Lumberton to check on elderly and disable residents, many of whom were forced into motels for the past year.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 21:31:14

Black River Park

An open house for a Black River Park feasibility study was held at Union Elementary School on Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 21:30:08


Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday said he would veto a catch-all bill full of changes to environmental laws, including funding aimed at the Cape Fear River pollutant GenX.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:51:15

Coal Ash Dams

Environmental groups say they will sue Duke Energy for not telling the public what would happen if any of its dozens of coal ash dams fail.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:50:23

Statue Removal

Legislative leaders on Thursday fired shots across the bow of Gov. Roy Cooper and the state Historical Commission in the ongoing battle over Confederate monuments on public grounds in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:49:29

Silent Sam Protest

UNC-Chapel Hill student activists have held marches, sit-ins and noise demonstrations outside the chancellor's office in their effort to remove the Silent Sam Confederate statue, but now they're taking their protest to the university's bottom line.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:47:31

Pundit McCrory

Almost nine months after leaving office following a narrow defeat, former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory says he's keeping himself busy with work, buying a new home and recently weighing in on the news of the day as a pundit on a Charlotte radio station.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:46:24

Airborne GenX

Regulators from the state's environmental agency are asking the chemical company under investigation for releasing unregulated compounds into the Cape Fear River for more data about whether those same compounds were released into the air.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:45:17

School Bonds

Endorsing school bonds tends to be a no-brainer for business leaders.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:41:38

Health Care Proposal

North Carolina would get billions less from the federal government for health insurance coverage if the latest Republican proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act becomes law, according to three studies released this week.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:40:26

Judicial Pick

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus sent a strongly worded letter Wednesday urging U.S. senators to reject Thomas Farr, a Triangle-based attorney who has represented GOP state legislators in redistricting and voter ID cases, for a lifetime seat on the federal bench.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:39:43

RDU Meetings

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority did not violate the state open meetings law in the decision to put hundreds of acres of airport property up for lease because the authority did not make the decision, its attorney said Thursday.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:38:42

Transportation Secretary

After his initial visit was postponed earlier this year due to an emergency at the state's coast, North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon III finally made his visit to Vance County Wednesday to discuss the current administration's statewide transportation plans and how smaller communities like Vance County fit into those plans.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:37:54

Opioid Suit

Buncombe County is now eyeing a lawsuit against makers of prescription painkillers, companies officials say may be liable in the addiction epidemic estimated to have cost more than $19 million locally.

MODIFIED: 09/21/17 20:36:39


"Every Lumbee is a lobbyist."
Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr, on tribal members becoming involved in the federal recognition process.


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