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Found Caskets

Hurricane-driven floods have again lifted the dead from their burial places in Goldsboro's Elmwood Cemetery.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 22:51:00

Emergency Shelters

For the five months that members of the U.S. Public Health Service are on call every year, they're required to keep a bag packed and be ready to deploy wit 12 hours' notice.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 22:50:22

HPU Poll

A majority of North Carolinians would be likely to cast a ballot in November because they are interested in voting on the proposed amendments to the state constitution, according to a new High Point University Poll.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 22:14:20

Buncombe Debate

Two Republican candidates for state legislature said Thursday they would keep policies of the GOP majority in Raleigh in place while two Democrats said the state should expand Medicaid and opposed some Republican moves on education.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 22:13:43

Special Session

Gov. Roy Cooper called Thursday for an October special session to approve initial funding needs for the Hurricane Florence recovery.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:57:12

Bomb Threats

Federal authorities on Thursday charged a state prison inmate with mailing bomb threats that emptied Raleigh's City Hall earlier this year.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:55:18

Farm Unions

Agriculture is one of the biggest, most powerful industries in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:41:07

Storm Campaigning

With every seat in the legislature up for grabs, campaign season was in full swing as Hurricane Florence approached North Carolina early last week.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:40:29

Cooper Tour

Cooper visited hurricane-ravaged Lumberton on Thursday to meet with emergency responders, volunteers and storm victim and thank all who are helping with recovery assistance.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:39:51

Tarte Opponent

Voters in north Mecklenburg and the county's western edge will choose between a veteran legislator and a newcomer seeking to break the Republican Party's supermajority in the N.C. Legislature, as Natasha Marcus challenges incumbent Jeff Tarte, R-Mecklenburg, for a seat in the state Senate.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:39:07

Wilmington Access

New Hanover County became an island again Thursday morning, as state officials closed U.S. 421 after portions of the road on the New Hanover-Pender county line flooded.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:38:18

Coal Ash

Duke Energy reported over the weekend that enough coal ash had spilled near one of its Wilmington power plants to nearly fill up an Olympic-sized swimming pool and that a second coal ash site near Goldsboro was experiencing flooding but hadn't spilled yet.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:37:42

Wastewater Spills

Another 11,000 gallons of untreated wastewater spilled from a city manhole.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:36:55

Florence Tax Relief

With the cleanup from Hurricane Florence just beginning for many residents of North and South Carolina, three congressmen want to provide storm victims with tax relief.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:35:49

Congressional Poll

Democratic congressional candidate Linda Coleman's bid to oust three-term incumbent Republican Rep. George Holding in a Raleigh-area seat is getting a boost from national Democrats.

MODIFIED: 09/20/18 20:34:49


"He needs to grow up."
Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, in response to criticism from D. Cole Phelps, his Democratic opponent, about a fundraiser held in the days leading up to Hurricane Florence.

the capitol view

To Recover From Florence, NC Must Learn From Hurricane Matthew Mistakes

MODIFIED: 09/17/18 10:18:21

Incompetent Federal Investigators Want to See Your Ballots

MODIFIED: 09/10/18 09:18:09

NC Politics Has A Diversity Problem

MODIFIED: 09/03/18 10:29:38

Meet The Amendments Lawmakers Don't Want You To Vote On

MODIFIED: 08/27/18 10:16:25

Politicians' Amendments Battle Threatens Election Process

The last-minute legal tussle between Gov. Roy Cooper and the legislature over proposed constitutional amendments has begun to affect the voting process for this year's election.

MODIFIED: 08/20/18 10:28:55


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