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UNC Investigation

For two years, UNC-Chapel Hill and NCAA officials talked about the investigation into nearly two decades of fake classes as a joint probe, with both working together to find out if rules were broken.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:25:09

McCrory's Counsel

Gov. Pat McCrory has hired outside counsel to appear before an appeals court in a long-running lawsuit over hydroelectric dams on the Yadkin River after a dispute with Attorney General Roy Cooper's office on how to proceed with the case.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:23:19

Early Voting

Democrats in North Carolina and Mecklenburg County are outpacing Republicans and independents in early voting.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:21:37

Electronic Voting Machines

North Carolina's elections board says it's received a smattering of complaints about electronic voting machines getting things wrong, but nothing outside the norm for a presidential election year.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:20:39

Cooper Complaint

The North Carolina Republican Party chairman has formally accused Democratic gubernatorial nominee Roy Cooper of violating ethics rules for comments he made about a federal review of state prison contracts.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:19:54

School Calendars

Top House lawmakers say they want to give school districts affected by Hurricane Matthew relief from the requirement they operate for 180 days per year.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:14:49

Clinton Campaign

Former President Bill Clinton kicked off a two-day campaign bus tour of Eastern North Carolina Tuesday, denouncing Republican Donald Trump and his slogan without once mentioning the billionaire by name.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:14:17

Campaign Trail

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean says North Carolina could be the most critical state for this year's election and beyond, and he's making four campaign stops for Hillary Clinton here this week.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:13:29

Taser Policy

In 2012, a prisoner in the Graham County jail was subjected to repeated electric shocks from a Taser in a hour-long incident recorded by cameras in the jail's booking room.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:22:24

Health Agenda

In an election profile by his local newspaper, Rep. Greg Murphy, R-Pitt, discussed his view of the health policy issues facing eastern North Carolina, including the expansion of Medicaid.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:11:41

Project Loss

North Carolina's House Bill 2 was a deciding factor in a Washington-based real estate company choosing Richmond, Va., over Charlotte for a 730-job expansion, according to a Charlotte Business Journal report Tuesday.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:10:44

Student Grouping

Wake County teachers and principals will likely get a warning about considering the impact of classroom diversity before they split students up into groups for instruction.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:10:02

Price Gouging

State authorities have identified two businesses in Fayetteville under investigation for price gouging following Hurricane Matthew.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:09:30


Brian Nick, a former top political adviser to Gov. Pat McCrory and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole, has been named vice president of communications for Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:09:00

Organic Cigarettes

The number of federal plaintiffs targeting the organic and additive-free marketing claims for the Natural American Spirit brand has climbed to 69, including at least one from North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 10/25/16 22:08:27


"I look at our buildings as our savings account at the bank."
Roger Woods, mechanical engineer at IBI Group and a panelist of architects and engineers that presented recommendations to state lawmakers, on renovating and maintaining state-owned facilities.
THE INSIDER, 10/26/16

the capitol view

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Liability Funding Debated

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