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DMV Fees

House Republicans concluded Thursday that a proposed 50 percent increase in motor vehicle fees was too much for motorists to swallow, but they decided that 30 percent was OK.

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Charter Funding

The House narrowly approved a budget provision that would provide $1 million to a private group to help start charter schools in rural counties.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 02:24:05

Body Cameras

The House voted Thursday night to spend $5 million over the next two years to provide matching grants that would help local law enforcement agencies buy body cameras.

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Food Deserts

The House voted 67-49 Thursday to budget for a new program to put fresh produce in convenience stores.

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House Budget

In a bipartisan vote, the House on Friday morning gave final approval to its $22.2 billion spending plan for the coming fiscal year, giving 2 percent raises to teachers and state employees and funding enrollment growth in the public schools, universities and Medicaid.

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Plant Conversion

A bill designed to smooth the conversion of Duke Energy's Asheville power plant from coal to natural gas clear the Senate on Thursday, 48 hours after the project was announced.

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Rogers Criticism

Duke Energy insists it has no position on a renewable energy rollback now before state legislators, but its former chief executive didn't hold back Thursday.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:26:40

Environmental Reviews

With little discussion, the Senate on Thursday tentatively approved a bill that would relax the requirement for environmental impact statements on projects involving state money or public land.

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Ash Removal

Duke Energy has begun what will be the years-long process of digging up coal ash from its unlined dumps and removing it to safer storage.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:24:49

Gas Exploration

Shale-gas exploration by state environmental regulators will start in Stokes County on June 12, state Geologist Kenneth Taylor said Thursday.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:24:14

Possum Drop

This year's version of an opossum bill cleared the Senate on Thursday and will return to the House for final approval.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:23:41

Tanning Beds

A dozen bills signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory include a ban on anyone under 18 using tanning beds in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:23:07

Education Plans

The legislature has agreed reports from teachers documenting a proposed pathway for an at-risk public school student to academic improvement is now unnecessary and should be repealed.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:22:33

New Job

The state will have its third Medicaid director in 19 months with Thursday's news that Dr. Robin Cummings is stepping down from the position to become chancellor at UNC Pembroke.

MODIFIED: 05/22/15 01:22:01

Inmate Death

A prison psychology manager initially fired after a mentally ill inmate died of thirst last year returned to work this month with a 10 percent raise.

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"By passing this bill, we'll have fewer reports to go through, so therefore we'll save trees."
Sen. Andrew Brock, on how the environment could benefit from H.B. 795, which would ease requirements for environmental impact statements for projects involving state money or public land.

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