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Atrium Memo

Atrium Health criticized a firm that provides anesthesiologists to a majority of its Charlotte-area hospitals in a memo to employees Wednesday, the latest in the feud between the two companies.

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Trafficking Fight

As part of a sharpened campaign to combat human trafficking, North Carolina law enforcement officers and social service providers have urged people to keep their eyes and ears open for signs.

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Elections Board

The four Democrats and four Republicans on the new state elections board went 'round and 'round Wednesday, casting tie vote after tie vote, as they looked for the board's ninth member.

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Judicial Primaries

North Carolina's primaries are just seven weeks away, but it's still not clear if they'll include votes for local judges.

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Boswell Misidentification

A North Carolina legislator misidentified herself as a registered nurse until recently, when the state Board of Nursing contacted her and asked her to stop.

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School Safety

Five weeks after a shooting at a Florida high school killed 17 people, North Carolina lawmakers gathered Wednesday to begin devising legislation to improve security at schools across the state.

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Residency Challenge

A Currituck County voter is challenging Richard James' qualifications to run for the state Senate seat in newly drawn District 1, claiming the Democratic candidate is not a district resident.

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Confederate Statues

State law doesn't allow Confederate statues to be moved from the Capitol grounds in Raleigh to a Civil War battlefield, speakers at a public hearing told a state committee Wednesday.

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Pipeline Ruling

As the Atlantic Coast Pipeline doubles down on slashing trees on hundreds of private properties in North Carolina, a federal judge has taken the unusual step of barring the energy consortium from clearing trees on two rural homesteads.

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Remote Healthcare

Members of a committee examining access to care for people in rural North Carolina hit the road last week, bringing lobbyists, lawmakers and legislative staff to Columbus County, two hours southeast of Raleigh, for a hearing.

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Massage Rules

Hands on Health in Cary is one of the hundreds of independent massage therapy businesses around the state.

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Dam Repairs

After North Carolina environmental officials and engineering consultants warned the town of Lake Lure that its high-risk dam urgently needs repairs, town officials are preparing to spend up to $5 million on a massive maintenance project, which could get underway this fall.

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EPA Summit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it will hold a national conference to look more closely at chemical compounds in water.

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Challenge Withdrawn

The man who had challenged whether Republican legislative candidate Nathan West lives in the district he hopes to represent has withdrawn his challenge.

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Democratic Black Women

Black women have helped carry the Democratic Party to a string of post-2016 election victories, raising hopes of a wave election and a takeover of the House of Representatives in November.

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"Do not, I repeat, do not give in to the terrorist actions of criminal leftists and the shreds of human debris that follow them."
Confederate monument supporter Mark Sweat, speaking at a public hearing on moving state Capitol monuments.
THE INSIDER, 3/21/18


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