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Early Voting

Early voting schedules for the fall elections remain unresolved in at least one-quarter of North Carolina's counties following a federal court ruling that struck down key portions of the state's 2013 voter identification and ballot access law.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:17:33

Pension Fund

More than 900,000 public employees in North Carolina count on the state pension fund for their retirement.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:16:19

GOP Chairman

The leader of the N.C. Republican Party urged a Wake County Board of Elections member to appoint his cousin as chairman of the board, according to emails released this week.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:15:05

Policy Collaboratory

UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt said Friday that a new environmental policy initiative created by the legislature fits in with the university's mission to serve North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:14:11

Governor's Race

Although most political observers usually discount their importance, politicians routinely tout endorsements by everybody from business groups to celebrities as empirical evidence that many people think they are most qualified for the office they're seeking.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:13:11

Whitewater Center

State and local elected officials have expressed concerns that the U.S. National Whitewater Center has reopened its channels less than two months after a rafter died from a brain-eating amoeba and with no new regulations in place.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:12:12

HB2 Ruling

The federal judge who will preside over one of the trials in the challenge of House Bill 2 says the North Carolina law's transgender challengers are likely to succeed in one of their arguments against HB2.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:11:11

Speed Limit

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx backed a proposal on Friday to put speed limiting devices on all new U.S. trucks, buses and multipurpose passenger vehicles weighing at least 26,000 pounds.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:09:57

Mount Mitchell

A national conservation group said Friday it has assembled land that will more than double the size of North Carolina's first state park, Mount Mitchell.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:06:43

Disbarred Prosecutor

Evidence of prosecutorial misconduct that could exonerate a man who has spent 21 years in prison for a double murder will be at center stage during a hearing in a North Carolina courtroom this week.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:06:04

Pence Visit

Fresh off a campaign stop in Brunswick County Wednesday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be back in North Carolina next week for a rally in Winston-Salem.

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Red Classic, a transportation subsidiary of Charlotte-based Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, plans to add nearly 300 jobs in the city as part of an expansion effort.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:03:44

Tropical Storm

North Carolina's governor is encouraging coastal residents to keep a close eye on the weather this week as a tropical system could affect the state.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:01:05

Escaped Inmate

An escaped inmate from North Carolina has been caught in West Virginia.

MODIFIED: 08/28/16 22:01:40

RDU Growth

As the CEO of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority spoke Thursday of the importance of a strong and growing airport, protesters gathered outside to object to parts of the airport’s proposed 25-year plan for growth.

MODIFIED: 08/26/16 00:26:12


"They are exploiting a loophole at the public's expense. Are profits more important than protecting and preserving life? What's there to ensure you won't make the same mistake again?"
Sen. Joel Ford, D-Mecklenburg, on the Whitewater Center reopening its channels less than two months after a rafter died from a brain-eating amoeba with no new regulations in place.


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