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Non-Dairy Milk

The N.C. Department of Agriculture plans to voice support for new FDA labeling standards for almond and soy milk products during a public hearing on July 26.

MODIFIED: 07/20/18 17:15:31

Campaign Fundraising

If elections were won by campaign cash alone, Democrats have a strong shot at breaking Republican's veto-proof majority in the House, but they'd be unlikely to take the majority and could fall slightly short of breaking the GOP's Senate supermajority.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 17:23:01

NC Economy

North Carolina's Republican leaders frequently brag about how their tax-cutting policies have fueled North Carolina's recent economic growth.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:47:56

Ballot Twist

In closely divided North Carolina, an intense power struggle between Republican lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper will shift from the General Assembly and courts to voting booths this fall.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:44:39

Trade War

Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday asked President Donald Trump to halt the trade war because it is harming North Carolina's farmers and manufacturers.

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As Charlotte closed in on winning the 2020 Republican National Convention, city officials -- and the GOP -- pushed back against the idea that the city had no other serious competition.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:42:48

Warden Cleared

A federal jury on Thursday rejected claims the former warden of one of North Carolina's most dangerous prisons bore responsibility for life-threatening threats posed by inmates and even guards in the gang-infested lockup.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:39:07

Campaign Cash

If money talked, it might tell some incumbent Republican legislators to watch their backs.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:38:05

Academic Freedom

UNC-Chapel Hill faculty leaders have asked Chancellor Carol Folt and Provost Bob Blouin to affirm their commitment to academic freedom after they overturned a faculty grievance committee's decision in favor of a professor whose sports history class faced administrative interference.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 21:35:19

Hog Farm Trial

The pictures showed pigs covered in a crusted brown mix. Hog barn floors glistened with standing moisture.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:36:27


If you live in Holly Springs, drones could soon be delivering packages at your doorstep.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:35:35

Deputy Killed

A veteran North Carolina sheriff's deputy was killed after his motorcycle collided with a colleague's patrol car.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:34:22

Chemours Meeting

New Hanover County and Wilmington officials still want Chemours to hold a face-to-face meeting with the area's residents, according to a letter sent to the company Thursday.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:33:08

High School Parking

Thousands of Wake County teenagers and their parents are seeing sticker shock over how it will now cost $200 per year to park at high schools -- an amount far higher than what's charged by other North Carolina school districts.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 21:28:29

Connect NC

North Carolina government has issued another block of debt from $2 billion in borrowing voters backed in a 2016 referendum.

MODIFIED: 07/19/18 19:32:24


"Please use your power to stop the losses from retaliatory tariffs and indirect effects to keep our state's economy strong."
Gov. Roy Cooper, in a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to halt escalating tariffs due to the impact on North Carolina's farmers and manufacturers.


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