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Ash Petitions

As the state's Coal Ash Management Act became law Friday, an unsatisfied group wheeled to the governor's office 40,000 signatures demanding stronger protections than the law affords.

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Campaign Cash - House District 33

A quick look at campaign donations and spending in N.C. House District 33, which includes parts of Wake County, based on information from the N.C. State Board of Elections.

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New Laws

Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday wrapped up his actions on legislation left on his desk by the General Assembly when it adjourned last month, signing two measures but allowing a third to become law without his signature.

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Fracking Ads

A conservative think tank filed a formal complaint Thursday with the State Board of Elections about advertisements and mailers attributed to a coalition of environmental advocacy groups that criticized the pro-fracking votes of several North Carolina lawmakers.

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Hagan Ads

More ads are filling North Carolina's airwaves in the U.S. Senate race, considered one of the most expensive in the country.

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Walker Remark

A well-known political blog is touting a video clip as evidence that Mark Walker, GOP candidate for the 6th Congressional District, is willing to go to war with Mexico over undocumented immigrants.

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Solar Projects

U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Thursday announced $55.3 million in federal loan guarantees to 22 solar energy projects in North Carolina.

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Offshore Surveys

As early as this spring, the boom of seismic cannons will sound under the Atlantic Ocean as the first oil and gas exploration allowed off the East Coast in three decades gets underway.

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Fayetteville Loop

Gov. Pat McCrory touted his 25-year transportation plan in Fayetteville on Thursday, citing the completion of the city's Outer Loop as a part of that effort.

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Online Students

The UNC system aims to invigorate its position in the online education market to attract more adult learners and veterans.

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Barber Honored

The Rev. William Barber, the president of the North Carolina NAACP, has received the Martin Luther King Jr. Award from an international peace organization.

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Highway Widening

The plan to widen Interstate 240 in West Asheville to eight lanes is one of 11 "highway boondoggles" that should be scaled back or abandoned because of changes in the way Americans get from place to place, a liberal advocacy group says.

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Underage Drinking

Jim Gardner, chairman of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, is about to launch a public awareness campaign about the dangers of underage drinking.

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Hedge Funds

The State Employees Association of North Carolina is calling on state Treasurer Janet Cowell to withdraw all investments in hedge funds after the California Public Employees Retirement System, the nation's largest pension fund, did so earlier this week.

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Speaker Update

Rep. Bryan Holloway, R-Stokes, confirmed Thursday that he is "openly expressing interest" in the House speaker's post to fellow House Republicans. The feedback from his colleagues has been positive, he said. "I think we have a good shot at this," said Holloway, one of the top budget chairs in the House.

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"We usually do not win the incentives game."
Gov. Pat McCrory, in announcing an expansion deal with HCL America that is expected to bring 1,200 jobs to Cary.

the capitol view

Government Corruption in the Spotlight

This column has been on the list for awhile, and the longer it waits, the more examples of government corruption show up in media reports. Each time they do, the public gets a little more cynical, losing a little more faith in government.

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Video Killed the Special Session

In a video posted online Friday afternoon, Gov. Pat McCrory, smiling throughout, announced he wouldn't call legislators back to Raleigh this year to consider new economic development incentives or extend existing tax credit programs. He left the door open, however, to summon the General Assembly if a "major job-recruitment effort develops and it requires legislative support."

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Odd House Bills

Every two-year legislative session, General Assembly lawmakers propose laws that raise eyebrows, generate chuckles around the Legislative Building or are simply a little weird. It's fun to imagine what the staffers who draft the bills are thinking as they write them. Here are descriptions of 15 such House bills from the past two years. Try to guess which ones passed the House and Senate and became law. Answers appear at the end.

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McCrory in a Tough Position Over Incentives

State lawmakers have returned home to their districts for good to campaign for re-election in November. Or have they? The latest chatter in the capital is about whether House and Senate members will be called back by Gov. Pat McCrory to consider legislation that would result in more state spending on economic incentives to help lure companies to North Carolina. McCrory hasn't tipped his hand about whether he's going to call a special lawmaking session before the Nov. 4 elections.

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Hagan and Tillis Spar on National Security

Two little-reported questions asked during North Carolina's first U.S. Senate debate last week centered around the surge of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East and the shooting of an unarmed teenager by police and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo., which has ignited a national debate over police militarization.

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