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Failing Sewers

Municipalities across North Carolina have had an abundance of sewer overflows, caused in large part by aging sewer systems that have gone unreplaced or unrepaired.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 21:45:33

Columbus Sheriff

While eyes are on Bladen County, the number of candidates who gave money to the business implicated in an election fraud investigation continues to grow.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 21:37:02

Bladen Early Votes

Bladen County election workers tallied the results of early voting before Election Day in violation of state rules and are accused of allowing outsiders to view them, a precinct worker wrote in an affidavit released by state Democrats.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 21:36:22

Offshore Drilling

Environmental groups plan to sue the Trump administration over offshore drilling tests, launching a legal fight against a proposal that has drawn bipartisan opposition along the Atlantic Coast, two people with direct knowledge of the pending litigation told The Associated Press on Monday.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 21:34:31

Election Decision

The head of North Carolina's elections board is suggesting more time may be needed to decide whether a new congressional district election is necessary due to absentee ballot fraud allegations.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 21:33:51

Wake Schools

The Wake County school system defended diverse schools Sunday in the face of critics who said the cancellation of classes due to inclement weather shows the district is too large and should be split up.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 18:26:39

Lutz Concerns

Before state elections investigators descended on Bladen County, Jens Lutz the vice-chair of the Bladen County Board of Elections, who resigned last week, was sharing his own concerns.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 18:25:25

Meadows Rumors

North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows says he's honored by the rumors that President Donald Trump is considering Meadows as his next chief of staff.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 18:23:37

Campaign Announcement

The 2020 elections are nearly two years away. But riding the "Blue Wave" momentum of the 2018 midterm elections, two Democrats have already announced plans to run for North Carolina's second highest state office, and a third is considering running.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:54:26

McCready Campaign

Democrat Dan McCready, who has accused Republican Mark Harris of "bankrolling criminal activity" in the 9th Congressional District race, is preparing for a new election and has sent an e-mail to supporters asking for campaign contributions.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:46:29

Missed School

As Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union, drove along snowy, wreck-strewn highways toward Raleigh on Monday, he stewed over a question that's on a lot of minds this week: What should the state do about all the school days North Carolina's kids are missing?

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:44:53

Winter Storm

A rare pre-Christmas storm continued to pummel the Triangle Monday, and Gov. Roy Cooper reported the mix of snow and freezing rain has killed at least three people in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:42:21

Aguilar Killing

The man accused of raping and killing Hania Aguilar made his first court appearance Monday in Robeson County District Court, with the judge revoking all bonds.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:41:30

ICE Agreements

Two more newly elected sheriffs in North Carolina have announced an end to their counties' agreements with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:39:42

Opioid Policy Fellow

The office of Sen. Jim Davis, R-Macon, announced on Tuesday that Davis has been selected to be a National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Opioid Policy Fellow for 2019.

MODIFIED: 12/10/18 17:39:05


"I will go anywhere, talk to anybody, if we can figure this out."
Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union, on finding a solution to the enormous amount of weather-related missed classes across the state this school year.


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