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Economic Designations

After using a three-tier system for three decades to funnel state funds to the poorest counties, the state Department of Commerce is urging lawmakers to adopt a system to better reflect the economic strength of each county.

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Reading Program

North Carolina's budget director told the state education agency in October that it should not plan to pay agency salaries with money intended to help improve student reading. But the Department of Public Instruction tried anyway, requesting in January to move more than $2 million from the Excellent Public Schools Act to help compensate for a $2.5 million budget cut.

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Superintendent Pension

Johnston County Schools Superintendent Ed Croom's impending retirement could carry a $520,000 bill for county taxpayers, an expense driven by an employment contract that allowed $44,000 in annual perks to be treated as salary over the past several years, two state lawmakers say.

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Dave Machado, who has led Lincoln Charter School for 14 years, was named Thursday to lead the N.C. Office of Charter Schools.

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Charter Schools

The state Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to stop public funding for Kennedy and Crossroads charter schools in Charlotte, after an advisory panel said pulling the plug was important to set high standards for the independent public schools.

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State Health Plan

Several labor organizers at a rally Thursday denounced a proposal to increase health insurance costs for North Carolina state employees.

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While the Democrats running for U.S. Senate will face off twice, the Republicans running for Senate and governor won't appear in debates before the March 15 primary.

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Fundraising Reports

Former state Rep. Deborah Ross has a strong fundraising advantage over the other Democrats running for U.S. Senate, records released Thursday show.

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Gov. Pat McCrory announced two appointments to fill expired terms on the State Ethics Commission on Thursday.

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GED Scores

GED Testing Service recently lowered the passing score on the high school equivalency test.

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The former director of the Macon County Board of Elections pleaded guilty to embezzlement in federal court Monday.

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Duke Unit

Duke Energy says it may sell some or all of its volatile international business, which owns power plants in Central and South America but has hurt overall earnings in recent quarters.

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Voting Video

The State Board of Elections has launched new public service announcements for TV and radio trying to make sure everyone is clear about North Carolina's voter ID requirements.

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Water Grants

Gov. Pat McCrory announced $119 million in loans and grants that will help towns across North Carolina pay for 50 much-needed drinking water and wastewater projects.

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Youth Grants

Gov. Pat McCrory's Youth Advocacy & Involvement Office chose 15 youth organizations to receive a total of nearly $6,300 in grants to enhance youth programs across North Carolina.

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"If I had had the whole story, I'd have never supported this. That's the bottom line."
Sen. Brent Jackson, an Autryville Republican, on an employment contract for the Johnston County schools superintendent that enables perks to be treated as salary in pension calculations.

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