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Brunch Bill

The option to pick up a six-pack of beer at the grocery store on Sunday mornings is no longer a part of the "brunch bill" moving forward in the N.C. House.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 23:08:17

Budget Highlights

Highlights of the $23 billion budget for North Carolina state government for the 2017-18 fiscal year that received final approval Wednesday in the Senate and tentative approval in the House.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 21:14:27

Ballot Access

A longstanding effort to reduce the signatures needed for independent or third-party candidates to get on North Carolina ballots has gotten some traction at the General Assembly this year.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 21:00:22

Robeson Co. Jobs

Ventura Coach Corp and a related company, Absolute Bus, will create 61 new jobs with an expansion in Robeson County, Gov. Roy Cooper announced Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:19:27

Asheville Districting

A House committee on Wednesday passed a bill to elect most Asheville City Council members by district, sending it on to consideration by the full House.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:18:38

BNC Lawsuit

A shareholder agreed Tuesday to dismiss his class-action lawsuit against BNC Bancorp following the bank's disclosure of financial revenue and earnings projections.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:17:56

RDU Runway

Raleigh-Durham International Airport would receive more than $50 million over the next two years for a much-needed runway replacement under the House and Senate's compromise budget proposal.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:16:20

Tesla Dealerships

The electric car company Tesla would be allowed to operate its own dealerships under a bill that was introduced Wednesday in a Senate committee.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:15:21

Teacher's Tuition

College tuition could come free of charge for students headed for careers teaching science, math or special education in North Carolina classrooms.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:12:50

Democratic Votes

A mixture of raises and state funding boosts for local projects convinced a handful of Senate Democrats to back the Republican majority's budget Tuesday, despite Gov. Roy Cooper calling it "the most fiscally irresponsible budget I've ever seen."

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:11:55

AG Cuts

An unexplained cut to the Department of Justice within the final Republican-penned budget deal being voted on this week would mean deep cuts to legal and administrative staff in the office of Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:10:49

Boat Basin

The fi­nal $23 bil­lion state bud­get law­mak­ers are set to ap­prove this week in­cludes $2.9 mil­lion to start the boat basin project at the Perquimans Marine In­dus­trial Park.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:09:45

Opening Postponed

The H2OBX Waterpark has delayed its grand opening scheduled for Wednesday because of bad weather, according to a company spokesperson.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:08:54

DOT Priorities

The N.C. Department of Transportation has to speed up its schedule for delivering transportation projects statewide if it intends to compete economically with neighboring states, the new department secretary said Tuesday at the Greenville-Pitt Chamber of Commerce Power Luncheon.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:08:04

Opioid Fight

Legislation moving toward the governor's desk this week aims to knock down North Carolina's opioid addiction crisis, but some are wondering if it will be enough.

MODIFIED: 06/21/17 20:00:21


"You're the Golden State Warriors of pork, almost undefeated."
Rep. Darren Jackson, D-Wake, on Republican spending projects in the budget.

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