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Senate Block

In a rebuke to President Donald Trump, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate on Wednesday blocked a White House plan to cut almost $15 billion in unused government money slated for children's health insurance and other programs.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 22:41:34

Redistricting Lawsuit

Lawyers for the two sides in North Carolina's partisan redistricting lawsuit, Common Cause v. Rucho, filed briefs Wednesday offering different interpretations of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent rulings in other partisan redistricting cases.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 22:06:21

Judicial Vacancies

The power to fill judicial vacancies would shift from the governor to an appointed commission and the legislature under a proposed constitutional amendment rolled out by Senate Republicans on Wednesday night.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 21:44:58

Immigration Protesters

Hundreds gathered at Bicentennial Plaza on Wednesday afternoon to protest the separation of Hispanic families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 21:10:39

Road Building

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper says a method for borrowing up to $3 billion to keep North Carolina road building robust for the next several years is a good example of both major parties working together to help the state's economy.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 21:09:54

Election Bills

Two election-related bills became North Carolina law Wednesday, despite Gov. Roy Cooper's formal objections, as lawmakers completed overriding his vetoes.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:31:52

Tax Cap

Republican legislators moved a proposed constitutional amendment to cap state income taxes at 5.5 percent through committee Wednesday over objections from Democrats who said the bill would handcuff future General Assemblies.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:31:05

Chemours Fix

Chemours is willing to pay for filters costing between $5,000 and $10,000 at hundreds of homes, but the state is yet to say that is a viable long-term fix.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:30:23

Hunting Amendment

Voters would be asked to enshrine the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife in the North Carolina constitution under a measure that cleared the state Senate Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:29:43

I-77 Contract

A state auditor's report out Tuesday has found nothing improper about the North Carolina Department of Transportation's nearly $650 million contract with a private company to build toll lanes on I-77, or in the way the contract was awarded.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:28:57

Prison Attacks

The two attacks in two days on staff members at Raleigh's Central Prison are attributed to the same group of inmates, according to prison officials.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:26:12

Pension Tool

State Treasurer Dale Folwell announced Wednesday that fees have been reduced by up to 30 percent for the GoalMaker tool that helps members of the North Carolina defined contribution plan prepare for retirement.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:25:26

Family Separations

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to quell a nationwide outcry over the practice of splitting up asylum-seeking parents and children at the southern border -- but that doesn't end the controversy in Congress.

MODIFIED: 06/20/18 19:24:31

Jailed Pastor

Leaders in Raleigh and Washington, D.C., have taken up the cause of jailed pastor Andrew Brunson.

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Alan Duncan, the longtime chairman of the Guilford County Board of Education, submitted his resignation from the board today.

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"If this is needed, at some point we need an amendment to protect the right to cook, clean and use the bathroom."
Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, on a proposed constitutional amendment protecting the right to hunt and fish.
THE INSIDER, 6/20/18


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