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DA Named

A former Orange County prosecutor was named Wednesday as the new district attorney for Person and Caswell counties. Gov. Roy Cooper appointed Jacqueline Perez to serve as interim district attorney following last week's resignation of District Attorney Wallace Bradsher.

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Ellmers Hired

Former U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, an early supporter of Donald Trump for president, has a new job in the Trump administration running the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' regional office in Atlanta.

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Fish Farming

A proposal moving through the state Senate calls for leasing waters off the North Carolina coast so people can farm fish.

MODIFIED: 05/24/17 19:43:14

House Budget

House budget subcommittees are scheduled to start looking at area spending proposals Thursday morning, but House Speaker Tim Moore said Wednesday the complete bill and tax package won't be unveiled till next week.

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All-Star Game

The previous time Charlotte hosted the NBA All-Star Game was 1991, and Michael Jordan was the game's leading scorer.

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PayPal Response

Since North Carolina lawmakers removed House Bill 2 from the books, sports organizations such as the NBA have returned games to the state, and companies such as Credit Suisse have announced new projects that had been in limbo.

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Broadband Access

North Carolina will be better able to identify and address places that lack reliable internet service using a new tool launched today by the North Carolina Department of Information Technology's (DIT) Broadband Infrastructure Office.

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Greensboro Stadium

A group of Triad developers plans to build a major downtown office project at the entrance of the Greensboro Grasshoppers' First National Bank Field.

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A vote to fire Elizabeth City City Manager Rich Olson failed 5-3 Monday night.

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Brewing Economy

While beer-making might have a reputation as a laid back pursuit, a recent study attempts to quantify just how much breweries play power positions in the local economy.

MODIFIED: 05/24/17 19:08:23

Milk Contest

State legislators took a break from lawmaking Wednesday to show off their skills in a milk drink contest.

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Mona Moon, who has been the executive administrator in charge of day-to-day operations for the N.C. State Health Plan for the last four years, has abruptly resigned.

MODIFIED: 05/24/17 19:06:02

Teacher Pathways

A bill approved Wednesday by the Senate Education Committee would widen the possible pathways to becoming a teacher.

MODIFIED: 05/24/17 19:05:13

Legal Battle

IFB Solutions Inc. has opened a second legal front to protect its core operations, this time joining Wednesday a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and its procurement policies.

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Disability Suit

Advocates for people with disabilities are suing to force North Carolina officials to do more to keep thousands of people out of institutions. The lawsuit filed Wednesday by Disability Rights North Carolina says 10,000 people are waiting for services needed to let them live outside institutions.

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"We are a little larger than our legislative predecessors."
Rep. Grier Martin, D-Wake, joking about the close quarters in the smaller historic Capitol, which was used from 1840 to 1963.

the capitol view

Firestorm Averted

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GOP Crafts a Message to UNC, with a Chain Saw

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What Goes Around...

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Richard Burr in Senator Sam Role

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Would Tax Cut Be Permanent?

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