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GenX Funding

At the end of a Wednesday committee meeting, a New Hanover County member of the N.C. House of Representatives took to task the N.C. Senate's overhaul -- led by a senator from New Hanover County -- of a short-term GenX measure.

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No Rally

A crowd of students and faculty turned out Wednesday at UNC-Chapel Hill to protest a rumored white nationalist rally that never materialized.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 21:21:06

Children's Health

North Carolina continued to perform below average overall when it comes to health conditions for children.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:56:06

District Drawing Cost

The special master in North Carolina's racial gerrymandering case has submitted a bill that totals $124,125 for his efforts to revamp the state's controversial legislative districts.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:55:03

Constitutionality Questions

A three-judge heard arguments Wednesday in a case seeking to overturn two 2016 laws on the grounds that the session in which they were introduced and passed was unconstitutional.

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Thomas Stark, the general counsel for the N.C. Republican Party, has filed to run against incumbent Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, in Senate District 20.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:46:08

School System Breakup

The leader of a controversial state committee looking at how to break up North Carolina school districts says his group will not recommend legislation to split up any specific school systems.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:45:13

GenX Rain

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington found trace amounts of GenX in rainwater on campus, a university scientist told state legislators Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:44:35

GenX Investigation

Federal prosecutors investigating GenX-related contamination from the Fayetteville Works served Chemours and DuPont with a succession of subpoenas in the final months of 2017.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:43:33

Wake Redistricting

Organizations that have challenged North Carolina redistricting plans are going back to state court over the General Assembly's redrawing last year of election districts -- this time with a new lawsuit challenging four state House districts in Wake County.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:41:04

Newspaper Layoffs

Three longtime columnists at newspapers in Greensboro and Winston-Salem are leaving as their company announced a wave of layoffs this week.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:40:05

Fishing Licenses

In the wake of the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission's (MFC) decision last week to approve new criteria for licensing commercial fishermen, commercial fishing advocates condemned the action and vowed to carry the fight to the state legislature.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:39:18

Watauga Elections

Once again, an early-voting plan for a Watauga County election couldn't reach a unanimous vote, so the state will decide on the plan.

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North Carolina has seen several efforts to take partisanship out of redistricting.

MODIFIED: 02/21/18 20:37:39

School Funding

Orange County spends more per student locally than the seven counties that spend the least per-student in the state combined, according to the Public School Forum of North Carolina.

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"Billy is now in the arms of our Lord, having a great reunion. He probably led more souls to Christ than anyone, other than Peter and Paul."
Sen. Joyce Krawiec, R-Forsyth, on the death of evangelist Billy Graham.
TWITTER, 2/21/18


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