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Fetal Tissue

A bill banning the sale of tissue from aborted fetuses in North Carolina is now law.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:54:56

Greensboro Redistricting

A tweak to the controversial council redistricting law made in the last hours of this year's long General Assembly session could have a big impact on the city's 2017 elections.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:54:19

Laws In Effect

North Carolina distilleries can now begin limited sales directly to customers.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:53:05

Hurricane Joaquin

As Hurricane Joaquin beat up the Bahamas on Thursday and strengthened to become the strongest hurricane of the season, forecasters were all over the map until late afternoon about the path the Category 4 storm might take.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:52:24

High Tides

Unusually high tides and heavy rains have forced the Fort Fisher-Southport ferry to cancel 21 runs during the past week.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:51:46

Teacher Turnover

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools lost 1,420 of its 8,609 teachers last year, bringing the turnover rate to a 12-year high, according to a report presented to the state Board of Education on Thursday.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:51:12

Wind Farm

The planned Amazon Wind Farm in eastern North Carolina was announced in July in a ceremony that featured Gov. Pat McCrory amid applauding state and local officials. But some residents, with the financial backing of free-market advocates in Raleigh, are taking legal steps to block the energy project in Perquimans and Pasquotank counties.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:50:34


Ireland-based Eaton will lay off the remaining 37 workers at its north Charlotte clutch-assembly facility at the end of November.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:49:27

Gas Pipeline

A federal judge has dismissed lawsuits by Virginia landowners who turned away a survey team for a proposed natural gas pipeline.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:48:52

Rubio Campaign

Two state lawmakers are set to lead efforts in North Carolina to help Florida Sen. Marco Rubio secure the Republican presidential nomination.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:48:15


Richard "Stick" Williams will retire at year's end as the top philanthropy executive for Duke Energy.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:45:11

Vuse Production

The manufacturing of Vuse, the nation's top-selling electronic cigarette, is taking place exclusively in Tobaccoville.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:44:25

Flu Death

The Department of Health and Human Services is reporting the state's first death from flu for the 2015-16 influenza season.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:43:50

2016 Session

As the General Assembly finished its 2015 legislative session this week, several top Republicans said they believed they accomplished most of their agenda for the biennium, suggesting that the 2016 session could be short and relatively uneventful compared to this year.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 23:25:12

Teacher Pay

Rep. Duane Hall, D-Wake, predicts a small "election year" pay increase for educators in the short legislative session scheduled to begin in April. But that won't be enough to kink the flow of teachers leaving the profession or accepting better salaries in other states, he said at a press conference Thursday.

MODIFIED: 10/01/15 17:28:45


"The joke is that you need a doctor occasionally or a lawyer occasionally, but you need a farmer three times a day."
Sen. Brent Jackson, at a rally of hog farm advocates Thursday at the Capitol.
THE INSIDER, 10/02/15

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