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Toyota Incentives

North Carolina was prepared to offer Toyota up to $107 million worth of incentives to lure the automaker's North American headquarters to Charlotte, documents obtained by The Charlotte Observer show.

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Dix Property

Raleigh leaders are "very close" to a deal to acquire the Dorothea Dix property, Mayor Nancy McFarlane said after a special council meeting Thursday behind closed doors.

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Coal Ash

The state's environmental regulatory agency will not bring legal action against Duke Energy over new allegations of pollution at three plants where coal ash is stored in basins, including the Cape Fear station in Chatham County.

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Tillis Ad

Thom Tillis' campaign and national Republicans are firing back at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee TV ad this week slamming the House speaker on education cuts.

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6th District Debate

Republican Mark Walker and Democrat Laura Fjeld have signed on for another debate in the 6th Congressional District race, this one hosted by Time Warner Cable.

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A pair of former state legislators want candidates for General Assembly seats to take a stand against political gerrymandering and support nonpartisan redistricting.

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A coalition led by North Carolina's NAACP is wrapping up a week of demonstrations at the state capital with a rally for voting rights.

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Hunter Support

In a fiery plea for money, I. Beverly Lake, a former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, is rallying support for Bob Hunter in his campaign for a seat on the high court.

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Womble Suit

The legal drama surrounding a fatal crash that left former Rep. Larry Womble seriously injured is over.

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Shutdown Regret

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows said he should have considered a strategy other than shutting down the government last year to stop Obamacare.

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UNC Policy

UNC-Chapel Hill announced a new sexual misconduct policy Thursday, more than a year after five women filed federal complaints against the university for its handling and reporting of sexual assaults.

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Builder Fraud

The head of a prominent Charlotte-area road-building company on Thursday became the sixth defendant to plead guilty to defrauding state and federal government out of $87 million in highway work.

MODIFIED: 08/28/14 22:57:36

Incentive Approval

The Davidson County Board of Commissioners voted 4-3 Tuesday in favor of entering into an economic-development incentive grant contract with 1-85 Corporate Center LLC.

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Cellphone Searches

A recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion puts the government's case in a child pornography prosecution in jeopardy.

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Insurance Plans

United Healthcare plans to offer federally subsidized health insurance in the Triangle as part of its corporate strategy to sell the policies in most of the state's 100 counties.

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"We were competing against a state without personal or corporate income taxes. It's a challenging competitive situation for sure."
Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker, on North Carolina's effort to win the relocation of Toyota's North America headquarters, which ultimately went to Texas.

the capitol view

Elections Workers on Notice About Social Media Posts

Employees and appointed members of North Carolina's 100 county boards of elections should be mindful when they log onto Facebook pages, Twitter and other social media sites. The State Board of Elections is watching, and "liking" a candidate on Facebook could cost them their positions.

MODIFIED: 08/25/14 13:23:34

Incumbents Squash Challengers in Fundraising

Chalk it up as another way that incumbent legislators in general have a distinct advantage over challengers in N.C. General Assembly races this and every other election year. Besides the name recognition and the drawing of legislative districts to favor one political party over the other, most incumbent lawmakers also have more money than their opponents to spend on ads, mass mailings and other campaign activities.

MODIFIED: 08/25/14 13:22:23

Can Cooler Heads Prevail to End Session?

Late last week, it seemed like the only thing Republican House and Senate leaders could agree on was to get doused with cold water as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge social media craze raising money to fight Lou Gehrig's disease.

MODIFIED: 08/18/14 13:39:20

Millions of Voters Won't Have a Choice on Election Day

As part of my job, I look each day at a 2014 state House or Senate race. All 170 General Assembly districts are up for grabs this year. I look at the makeup of voters, voting trends in the districts, results from recent elections and the candidates and the money they are raising to spend on advertisements and mailings. With that information, and by talking to other people who watch elections closely, I get an idea about the favorites and underdogs across the state.

MODIFIED: 08/18/14 13:38:26

Election-Year Anxiety for Seniors

When older people talk, politicians and election candidates usually listen – if they're smart anyway. That's because older people vote, which is why a new poll released this week by AARP North Carolina should grab the attention of U.S. Senate candidates Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis, along with other hopefuls for state and federal offices this November.

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