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Lindberg Trial

Campaign mega-donor Greg Lindberg's own former attorneys testified briefly in his federal bribery trial Wednesday as his current legal team tried to keep the jury from seeing their client's handwritten notes.

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Critical Coverage

WBTV can continue publishing stories about Judge Aretha Blake after the Mecklenburg County judge was denied a court order Wednesday to stop the Charlotte TV station from presenting critical information about her record.

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Picasso Painting

In 1938, a Jewish family in desperate need of funds to escape the Holocaust during World War II sold a Pablo Picasso painting for $12,000, lawyers said.

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Primary Poll

The three front-runners in North Carolina's Democratic presidential primary are in a tight race, with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg all within six points of each other in the state's most recent poll.

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Union Treasurer

The former secretary-treasurer of the union representing workers at the Smithfield Foods plant will serve six months in prison for embezzling tens of thousands of dollars in union dues.

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Voter ID

North Carolina Republican legislative leaders want the state's entire Court of Appeals to hear arguments on a ruling by three of the court's judges that set another barrier to implement voter photo identification.

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Attorney General

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein frequently takes on President Donald Trump in court.

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Educated Cities

A new study outlines the most educated cities in the country, and a few North Carolina metros made the list.

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Governor's Primary

North Carolina's Democratic governor will have to defend his seat against the highest-ranking Republican official elected statewide in this fall's general election if each wins his respective party primary next week.

MODIFIED: 02/26/20 18:16:34

Agriculture Commissioner

North Carolina Democrats have tried unsuccessfully in past elections to defeat incumbent Republican state Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, who has held the office for the past 15 years.

MODIFIED: 02/26/20 18:15:36

Future Workforce

North Carolina has plenty of good jobs. What it doesn't have is enough people with the education to fill all of those jobs.

MODIFIED: 02/26/20 18:14:31

Student Punishment

Racial bias in North Carolina's public schools is leading to black students being punished too much and falling behind academically, according to data released Wednesday by a civil rights group.

MODIFIED: 02/26/20 18:13:33

Trump Office

President Donald Trump is preparing to experiment with a novel campaign tactic: brick-and-mortar community centers targeting minority voters that will open in select cities across the country, including Raleigh.

MODIFIED: 02/26/20 18:12:36

Sanders Visit

With six days left before North Carolina's March 3 primary, the state is becoming a key campaign stop for presidential candidates.

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Bloomberg Rally

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg will campaign in Wilmington on Saturday as his untraditional, upstart campaign tries to gain some much-needed traction heading into next week's Super Tuesday primary.

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"This concept by itself is a woke concept."
Katrina Pierson, a senior campaign adviser for President Trump, on outreach offices for black voters in 15 cities, including Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte.
McCLATCHY, 2/26/20


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