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New Laws

The Good Samaritan Law -- providing some criminal immunity to people who witness drug overdoses and call for medical help -- will undergo changes along with other legislation taking effect Aug. 1.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 19:06:52

Lindenmuth Bonus

Richard Lindenmuth, the former head of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, received a $30,000 "stay" bonus in January, an enticement that only kept him at the new endeavor for three months, Sarah Ovaska of the liberal advocacy group N.C. Policy Watch reported Thursday.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 16:50:35

Rules Chairmen

Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, the House Rules chairman, raised $129,500 in the first half of 2015, a considerable amount for the first reporting period after an election.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 16:25:14

Beer Money

The sounds of clinking mugs and plinking coins aren't all that different, according to a new report placing the direct economic impact of North Carolina's beer industry at $3.85 billion.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 16:15:29

Confederate Plates

When a bill dealing with specialty license plates hits the House floor for debate, two legislators plan to offer amendments aimed at the state's Confederate battle flag editions.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 16:08:49

Hartsell Report

Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, R-Cabarrus, is unable to file a complete campaign finance report for the first half of 2015 because of his ongoing dispute with the State Board of Elections over his campaign spending, his lawyer wrote in a letter to the State Board on Thursday.

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Ponzi Deduction

A bill proposing various insurance law amendments is advancing with a provision that would give tax deductions to investors who lose money in Ponzi schemes.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 16:05:14

Budget Negotiations

Several top Republican lawmakers say they likely won't reach a budget deal by an Aug. 14 deadline -- a delay that will prolong uncertainty for public schools and other agencies that depend on state funding.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 01:00:05

Transportation Debate

Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican legislative leaders argued back and forth Wednesday about their plans to fund transportation projects, continuing a showdown that has highlighted a divide between the Senate and the Governor's Office.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:58:51

Tata Successor

One day after Tony Tata abruptly resigned as transportation secretary, attention turned to who the governor would appoint to be his replacement to run the 14,000-employee department.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:58:12

Election Law Challenge

Kim Strach, the executive director of the State Board of Elections, testified Wednesday that her office has referred 31 cases of alleged voter fraud to county prosecutors around the state.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:57:17

Execution Protocol

A bill that would allow quicker changes to North Carolina's execution process and block information about the manufacturing of lethal injection drugs has passed the legislature and is going to the governor.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:56:36

Police Dogs

Police dogs employed in Raleigh and Mecklenburg County will be able to return to their handlers when they become unfit to work as part of a bill moving through the legislature.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:56:02

Chamber Push

The N.C. Chamber is stepping up efforts to ensure some kind of long-range funding plan for road improvements is worked out as a state budget takes shape.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:55:30

Fayetteville Utility

A draft version of a Senate bill would create a six-member Fayetteville Public Works Commission.

MODIFIED: 07/30/15 00:54:54


"We are not just assistants. We are teachers."
Donna Henderson, a teacher assistant at North End Elementary School in Roxboro, urging members of the House Appropriations Committee to maintain teacher assistant funding in the final state budget.
THE INSIDER, 7/30/15

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