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Trump Rally

President Donald Trump made his first 2020 campaign stop in North Carolina on Wednesday, but he carried with him a simmering feud with four liberal Democratic congresswomen of color whom he accused of hating the country and said they should leave it.

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ICE Detainers

Buncombe County elected Democrats and Republicans argued over a proposed state law that would remove Sheriff Quentin Miller from office if he maintains a promise to resist requests from federal immigration agents.

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McCready Plan

Democrat Dan McCready Wednesday offered a plan to entice young Americans into a year of national service, with a goal of having all young people participate within a decade.

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Embezzlement Arrests

The North Carolina Department of Revenue says it's arrested two businessmen on felony embezzlement charges.

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Mental Health Partnership

About 250 people interacted with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's new mental health unit in its first 11 weeks, according to the department.

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Session Schedule

Both the House and Senate wrapped up early this week and won't be back in Raleigh for votes until Monday night, but it's still anyone's guess when the legislature might take a longer break.

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Budget Standoff

Gov. Roy Cooper has been holding discussions with North Carolinians who would benefit from Medicaid expansion, which the state has not approved.

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Smokable Hemp

A legislative fight over hemp production in North Carolina shifted from a farming bill to a measure on illegal drugs on Wednesday, as a House committee voted to classify smokable hemp as a controlled substance.

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Sen. Brent Jackson, R-Sampson, was elected to serve as president of the State Agriculture and Rural Leaders (SARL) group at its 2019 summit this week in Calgary, Canada.

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School Choice

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest promoted a new federal school choice program Wednesday that could allow more families to attend private schools or to homeschool their children.

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Tweet Vote

In a historic vote, the U.S. House of Representatives rebuked President Donald Trump by condemning as racist his statements attacking four congresswomen of color.

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Cooper Goals

Gov. Roy Cooper wants Republican leaders to return to the negotiating table, but all they are looking at is a way to keep state government running without a budget agreement and possibly go home, Cooper told The Greenville Daily Reflector Tuesday.

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Lumbee Funding

A bill amending the state's recognition of the Lumbee Tribe is one of three sponsored by Lumberton's resident senator that have cleared the General Assembly and now are headed to the governor's desk.

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Civitas Board

The conservative Civitas Institute announced Wednesday that former N.C. Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam has been appointed to its board of directors.

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Teachers Health

Sheha Waters is concerned that she does not know how long her health care going to last because of the income gap -- making too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies.

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"They don't win because they refuse to run moderate candidates who will attract the voters."
Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, responding to claims in a lawsuit that unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering prevents Democrats from winning more legislative seats.
THE INSIDER, 7/17/19


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