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Tillis Ad

As Democrats level more attacks, Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis is taking to television to defend a sex scandal in his office, but critics say he is "rewriting history."

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Cooper Apology

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper ended a 14-year feud Thursday by apologizing for a political advertisement his campaign broadcast during his first bid for the statewide office.

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Community College

Gov. Pat McCrory says he wants to make it easier for new veterans to attend any of North Carolina's community colleges.

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Backlog Costs

Leaders of the Department of Health and Human Services said Thursday that problems with the state's new benefit system, NC FAST, have cost about $21 million to address – and that figure may be just the beginning.

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No-Bid Contracts

Some legislators are uneasy about the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services practice of hiring consultants without public bidding.

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Crisco Ad

Keith Crisco has his third TV ad up in Raleigh and Greensboro, focusing on his support for Social Security and Medicare.

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Animal Welfare

A national animal welfare advocacy organization this week formally asked North Carolina to prohibit the routine use of carbon monoxide to euthanize animals at shelters.

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Cleanup Costs

Duke Energy told shareholders Thursday that cleanup costs resulting from its coal ash spill into the Dan River won't have a material effect on the $50 billion company's bottom line.

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Water Safety

A team of scientists at N.C. State University says that Dan River surface water is safe for irrigation on crops and as drinking water for livestock 10 weeks after a major coal ash spill at Duke Energy's retired Dan River Steam Station in Eden.

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Haw River

Two environmental groups have notified Burlington they intend to sue the city unless it prevents raw sewage from spilling into the Haw River.

MODIFIED: 04/17/14 22:21:20

Teacher Resignations

Teacher resignations have increased by an "alarming" 41 percent this school year, Wake County school leaders said Thursday, in a development they said makes it harder to keep high-quality educators in the classrooms.

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La-Z-Boy Layoffs

La-Z-Boy Inc. is closing two facilities and eliminating 100 jobs in North Carolina as part of a larger restructuring of its business.

MODIFIED: 04/17/14 22:19:53

Alamance Jobs

A food service equipment manufacturer plans to open a facility in Alamance County and add 100 jobs over the next three years.

MODIFIED: 04/17/14 22:19:14

Flu Deaths

Two more people died from the flu in North Carolina last week, bringing the death toll from the viral illness this season to 100.

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Solar Power

The state capital has twice as much solar power as Charlotte. Raleigh leads the state in solar power installments and ranks 15th nationwide per capita, according to a report issued Thursday by Environment North Carolina.

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"We have to do our daily work. As you see, we would love to be at our desks working, but we're here to provide you with the information you request."
DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos, who described to a legislative oversight committee Thursday how an outside firm was hired to handle work that agency employees did not have time to do.

the capitol view

McCrory, Skvarla Propose Coal Ash Fix

The state's chief environmental regulator may well be correct that a one-size-fits-all approach to coal ash cleanup may not work.

MODIFIED: 04/17/14 13:59:42

Withholdings Drop Ratchets Up Tax Day Pressure

Tax experts will tell anyone who listens that one of the biggest problems that accompanies any major rewrite of tax law is predicting how people will comply with the changes.

MODIFIED: 04/14/14 16:33:29

Debate Heats Up on Tuition Help

The current University of North Carolina Board of Governors, the 34-member body that helps set policy for all UNC system campuses, is not a big fan of using a slice of tuition paid by some students to supplement the tuition of others.

MODIFIED: 04/14/14 12:43:42

Sophomores on the Prowl

Every two years, the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research releases survey results ranking the effectiveness of individual state legislators.

MODIFIED: 04/10/14 13:44:38

Heeding the Voter Fraud Call

Legislators found the findings outrageous. "That is criminal. That is wrong, and it shouldn't be allowed to go any further without substantial investigations from our local district attorneys who are the ones charged with enforcing these laws," said Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Wilmington Republican and lawyer.

MODIFIED: 04/07/14 16:39:32
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