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Neuse River Flooding

As far back as 1965, a district engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers found "there is an immediate and urgent need for improvements to provide flood protection" for those along the Neuse River.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 22:21:10

Scooter Trouble

Some Lime electric scooters, which have drawn complaints as riders zip through dense downtown sidewalks, could break up while people are riding them, according to the Washington Post.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 19:35:38

Session Agenda

State lawmakers will return to Raleigh Nov. 27th for a lame-duck session expected to deal with voter ID and Hurricane Florence relief.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 19:30:53

DMV Headquarters

The state Division of Motor Vehicles has begun looking for a place to move the more than 500 people who work in its headquarters near downtown Raleigh, and developers and real estate brokers have come forward with 10 options.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:40:45

Wake School Board

There's a new twist in the case of how the seat of deceased Wake County school board member Kathy Hartenstine could be filled -- and it's one that could lead to a special election and potentially a lawsuit.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:39:57

Provisional Ballots

The outcome of the race for a North Carolina House seat from Mecklenburg County remains unclear.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:39:13

Campaign Cost

The bitterly-disputed N.C. House District 93 race between Republican incumbent Jonathan Jordan and Democratic challenger Ray Russell saw a total of $472,249.83 raised between the two campaigns between July 1 and Oct. 20 in the toss-up district.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:38:29

Charter Graduation

Lake Norman Charter School, one of the biggest and oldest charter schools in the Charlotte region, is scrambling to find a site for its 2019 graduation after an advocacy group challenged its longstanding arrangement with a church.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:37:35

Buncombe Kickbacks

Buncombe County commissioners again find themselves repeating the step they've made multiple times over the past 14 months: They'll consider policy changes in response to alleged misuse of taxpayer funds.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:36:17

EPA Loan

Brunswick County plans to fund essentially half of $99 million in water plant upgrades through a loan program administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that likely will reduce financing costs by millions of dollars.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:35:14

ECU Chancellor

The chancellor of East Carolina University has the full support of the school's Board of Trustees.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:34:19

Shaw Dispute

Shaw University and a local contractor have agreed to a $316,900 settlement after a federal investigation looked into allegations of false claims made to secure U.S. Department of Education grant money, according to U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon, Jr. The settlement was announced Monday in a news release from Higdon, the U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:33:33

Menthol Ban

The share price of British American Tobacco Plc reached a 52-week low during morning trading Monday as investors reacted to a potential ban on traditional menthol cigarettes.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:32:43

Kidnapping Reward

A total reward of $20,000 is being offered in the case of a 13-year-old girl kidnapped from a North Carolina mobile home park.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:31:58

Hepatitis A

Officials say at least 150 people who went to a North Carolina restaurant are at risk of getting hepatitis A.

MODIFIED: 11/12/18 18:30:40


"In the U.S. if a dead person gets the most votes, then nobody wins."
Gerry Cohen, former general counsel to the General Assembly, on filling the seat of a deceased Wake County school board member.


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