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A state Auditor's Office report cited a lack of effective oversight of a program that has spent at least $29 million since 2000 assisting business operators who are legally blind.

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Farm Animals

The House gave final approval Thursday to a bill preventing local governments from regulating the care of farm animals, leaving Gov. Pat McCrory's signature the last step needed for the bill to become law.

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Elections Official

North Carolina Republican Party officials said Thursday that they were unaware of racially tinged social media posts by a man appointed to a county elections board and are urging him to step down.

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Tax Distribution

A Dare County official says he plans to lobby lawmakers in the General Assembly who are looking at a proposal in the state budget that would distribute a larger percentage of sales tax generated in wealthier counties to the state's poorer counties.

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Floor Speech

Sen. Ronald Rabin, a Harnett County Republican, said Thursday that a national push for politically correct language is akin to book burnings led by Nazi Germany.

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Election Law Challenge

The federal judge presiding over the North Carolina voting rights trial agreed Thursday to give the state more time to prepare for closing arguments, pushing them to Friday.

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Potential Candidate

Rep. Duane Hall is considering a run for U.S. Senate and intends to form an exploratory committee, which will allow him to begin raising money.

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Lottery Money

The North Carolina Education Lottery surpassed records in sales and profits for the state, bringing in $522 million for education expenses in the most recent budget year, according to records released Thursday.

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RNC Hires

In another sign that the 2016 campaign season is already underway, the Republican National Committee announced four new hires for North Carolina on Thursday.

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Manager Pay

When Dena Diorio became Mecklenburg County's manager in 2013, she was not among the highest-paid public officials in the county.

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County Delegate

More trouble faces an embattled Rockingham County commissioner.

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Partner Benefits

Taking cues from Charlotte and private companies across the nation, Mecklenburg County will soon consider cutting health benefits for the unmarried partners of gay and lesbian employees.

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ID Theft

Data breaches are happening at an "alarming rate" these days with the development of new technology, and North Carolina officials say there are ways to protect one's identity before it's too late.

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Severe Drought

Severe drought has settled over three counties west of Charlotte, state officials say, as livestock and crops suffer through a dry summer.

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Guard Vehicles

The U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Command is offering a $10,000 reward in an arson case in which $1.6 million in National Guard vehicles were destroyed.

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"I'm a Republican, but I'm just tired of this crap."
Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Paul Bailey, on what he called a dismantling of the public school system by members of his own party in Raleigh. Among his complaints is the delayed state budget, which leaves school districts with unanswered questions less than a month before schools open.

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