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RNC Security

Out-of-state police officers would be allowed to serve in Charlotte during the 2020 Republican National Convention, under a bill that cleared the Senate State and Local Government Committee on Tuesday.

MODIFIED: 03/26/19 15:50:04

Healthcare Bill

N.C. Senate Republicans unveiled a wide-ranging healthcare bill Tuesday that they're pitching as an alternative to Medicaid expansion.

MODIFIED: 03/26/19 14:58:02

Funding Requests

Two community colleges in the state are hoping for some additional funds to help their campuses grow.

MODIFIED: 03/26/19 14:38:44

Property Damage

A proposed committee substitute that cleared the House Transportation committee changes the procedures required for determining the amount of property damage to a motor vehicle through an alternative method when liability coverage is not disputed.

MODIFIED: 03/26/19 12:47:17

Suspended Licenses

About one in seven driving-age individuals in North Carolina currently has a license suspended for not appearing in court or paying court fines and fees, a report released by Duke University School of Law said Monday.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 21:41:15

ECU Chancellor

In just a month, East Carolina University could be seeing a new interim chancellor to replace Cecil Staton.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 21:40:37

Education Board Nominees

Gov. Roy Cooper has sent the legislature two nominees for the State Board of Education.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 19:37:54

Juvenile Code

A variety of updates to the state's Juvenile Code cleared the House Rules Committee on Monday and will be on the floor calendar for Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 19:27:29

Senate Session

The Senate passed three bills on Monday night.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 19:15:00

Left Turns

A bill giving farm equipment the right-of-way to make left turns will be on the House floor later this week after clearing the House Rules committee Monday.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 18:50:13

Loan Fees

A proposed hike of bank origination and late fees could be on the governor's desk by the end of the week, after falling short last session.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 18:47:45

Gerrymandering Suit

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday on whether North Carolina has again violated its residents' constitutional rights through gerrymandering.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 18:40:35

Legislative Privilege

A panel of state judges sided with Monday with a group that accused key legislators of slow-playing the system to gain advantage in an ongoing gerrymandering lawsuit.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 18:39:56

Toll Contract

State lawmakers from the Charlotte area have filed a bill they say would remove legal "roadblocks" to re-negotiating the contract for toll lanes on Interstate 77.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 18:39:08

Health Plan Study

One of the more controversial bills of North Carolina's 2019 legislative session -- studying "the sustainability of the State Health Plan" -- will get its first committee hearing Tuesday in Raleigh.

MODIFIED: 03/25/19 18:38:25


"When my grown daughter found out about this she texted me and said, 'what is wrong with you?'"
N.C. Banking Commissioner Raymond Grace on his decision to seek reappointment to the position.
THE INSIDER, 3/25/19


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