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Coal Ash Protests

Activists and neighbors of coal ash ponds at two Duke Energy plants are protesting a public meeting held in Greensboro Wednesday evening by state environmental officials considering a plan to speed the "dewatering" of those ponds.

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Charter Bill

Gov. Roy Cooper said he has concerns about proposed legislation that would allow the towns of Mint Hill and Matthews to operate their own charter schools.

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Raleigh Beating

The attorneys representing a Wake County deputy accused of assaulting a homeless man say they will not protest the release of video from police body and dashboard cameras if tapes of 911 calls and law enforcement radio traffic from the April 3 incident are released at the same time.

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GenX Bill

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality on Thursday blasted a Republican plan to address water quality, saying legislation introduced last week would force the department to replicate prior efforts while simultaneously undermining its ability to protect the public.

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Correctional Pay

Amid concerns about prison safety and staffing shortages, legislative leaders announced Thursday that correctional officers will receive a 4 percent salary increase in next year's budget.

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Residency Challenge

Election Officials in Rockingham County ruled Thursday afternoon that a Democrat challenging Sen. Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, does not live in the district.

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Press Calendar

One news conference is scheduled to be held in the Legislative Building's press room on Friday, May 25.

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State Raises

Some North Carolinians who work for state government may receive raises of up to 28 percent, legislative leaders announced Thursday.

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Prostate Awareness

Eddie Goodall had just been elected to the North Carolina Senate when he got the diagnosis: Prostate cancer.

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Filming Frustrations

With just over a month left in the 2017-18 fiscal year, just two film projects have taken a bite out of the state's film grant program over the past 11 months.

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Bear Sighting

A black bear rumbled through Duck neighborhoods early Thursday, munching on garbage in the cans next to the road.

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Rural Broadband

Legislators want to create a $10 million grant program to help internet providers expand service to rural communities that lack access to broadband.

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Note To Subscribers

The Insider will not publish on Monday, May 28, in observance of Memorial Day.

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School Safety

Republicans at the General Assembly said Thursday that a $35 million school safety package next year in the upcoming North Carolina state budget is a good start that will address critical needs, but Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper thinks it comes up short.

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UNC Chair

The UNC System Board of Governors named Harry Smith its new chairman Thursday, opening a new chapter for a board that has taken a more activist role in the system in recent years.

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"Sounds like Venezuela or something."
Outgoing UNC System Board of Governors Chairman Lou Bissette, on the board's unopposed slate of candidates.
WRAL NEWS, 5/24/18


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