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Industrial Hemp

Last year North Carolina joined more than two dozen states which have recently legislated hemp cultivation for commercial purposes. As of Monday, farmers can submit applications to join the state's hemp for research pilot program, according Department of Agriculture officials.

MODIFIED: 02/27/17 17:15:33

HB2 Repeal

Gov. Roy Cooper called on Republican legislators Sunday to drop a provision in a proposed HB2 compromise that would allow for a referendum vote on local nondiscrimination ordinances.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:59:05

Repeal Support

Business leaders in Charlotte and around the state are getting behind a bipartisan compromise bill that would repeal House Bill 2 while generally precluding cities from regulating bathroom access.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:58:24

Subpoena Delay

Gov. Roy Cooper on Friday asked a judge to revise until the dispute can be settled in court the state Senate's subpoena that demands one of his appointees appear in a confirmation hearing.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:57:10

Puppy Mill Bill

For the past two sessions, Rep. Jason Saine, R-Lincoln, has led a bipartisan group of House members to pass legislation seeking basic regulation of large commercial dog-breeding operations, but the proposals have stopped cold in the Senate.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:55:34

UNC Representation

A proposal headed to the UNC system's Board of Governors would bar public university centers and institutes in North Carolina from providing legal representation to clients in any sort of litigation.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:52:09

Abortion Bill

A bill in the state House that would regulate medical abortions suggests a process that not all doctors agree should be used.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:50:28

Wind Farm Tour

The Amazon Wind Farm US East should be allowed to continue operating, a leading House Republican said Thursday after touring the Navy's long-range radar facility in Chesapeake, Virginia.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:47:05

ICE Raids

The president of the N.C. Democratic Party's Hispanic Caucus blasted Charlotte City Council in a letter Friday, saying council members' "silence on recent ICE raids has been both deafening and painful."

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:46:09

ACC Encouraged

Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford said Saturday he's hopeful North Carolina could once again host ACC tournaments if newly proposed bipartisan legislation replaces House Bill 2.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:43:43

Duke Unionization

The votes are in, but the results aren't yet in the election that will determine whether graduate students with teaching or research duties at Duke University join the Service Employees International Union.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:38:51

DNC Chair

The Democratic National Committee picked Barack Obama's Labor Secretary Tom Perez to be its new chair Saturday, ending a bitter campaign that many saw as a proxy war between the centrist and progressive wings of the party.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:54:42

New Trial

The former Wayne County judge who was convicted last year of trying to bribe a federal agent with two cases of Bud Light won a new trial this week.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:33:16

School Tour

Several members of the state's General Assembly and representatives from the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Board of Education spent a half day being students again, learning the daily ins and outs of the state's public elementary schools.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:53:48

Burr Warning

The Senate Intelligence Committee's top Democrat warned the panel's chairman over reports that the Republican worked with the White House to try to squash negative stories about Russian interference in last year's U.S. elections, calling it a threat to the integrity of the top congressional probe into the issue.

MODIFIED: 02/26/17 19:44:46


"Medical marijuana is something that the public has changed its mind on, even in North Carolina."
Rep. Rodney Moore, D-Mecklenburg, on a bill that would legalize marijuana for medical use in North Carolina.


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