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Water Contaminants

The state Department of Environmental Quality wants a professional, third-party evaluation of a coal ash landfill in Chatham County after testing found high levels of metals and other contaminants in groundwater and surface water.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 22:35:22

School Shootings

The U.S. Secret Service has been working on school-violence prevention since before Columbine, but now a step-by-step guide introduced after the February 2018 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, may help school leaders prevent violence in their own buildings.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 22:34:38

Tuition Surcharge

The General Assembly has decided that University of North Carolina system students shouldn't be subject to penalties that could cost them thousands of extra dollars to get their degrees.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 21:53:23

Noise Ordinance

Three protesters were arrested after storming the start of a packed Charlotte City Council meeting, where the council was taking up a noise ordinance that -- for many -- has effectively become a referendum on demonstrations outside a women's health clinic.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 21:37:24

ICE Bill

The Senate voted Monday in favor of legislation that could force North Carolina sheriffs from office if they don't cooperate with federal immigration officials.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 21:34:42

Budget Schedule

Legislative leaders are hopeful that today will be the day that a budget conference report is released, after delaying the release Monday to allow more negotiations with Gov. Roy Cooper.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 21:19:39

ICE Detainers

The Senate voted 25-18 on Monday night in support of House Bill 370 requiring sheriffs to cooperate with ICE immigration detainers, which now goes back to the House for a concurrence vote on the changes that senators made to the bill.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 21:07:58

Soldiers Hospitalized

The heat sent 18 soldiers at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to the hospital.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 21:01:08

Wind Restrictions

A proposed ban on wind turbines in areas used for military flights has been eliminated from the House's version of Senate Bill 377, the "Military Base Protection Act."

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 20:49:20

Abortion Ban

State officials are appealing a federal judge's decision that struck down North Carolina's ban on abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy except in a medical emergency.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 20:39:47

Wake Redistricting

A unanimous Senate vote on Monday night has resolved a long-running redistricting lawsuit and changed the House districts for 2020 elections in parts of Wake County.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 20:01:29

House Action

The House voted to concur with the Senate on five bills Monday night.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 20:02:23

Political Signs

After lawmakers were divided on how many days before an election campaign signs should go up last week, members of the House Rules Committee amended Senate Bill 220 to allow political signs to be posted at polling places 36 hours before an election.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 19:47:16

State of the Judiciary

N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley says she'll soon "reconvene" the 18-member State Judicial Council and task it with reviewing staffing needs at the state's 102 courthouses.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 19:16:24

Computer Testing

North Carolina's handling of a multimillion-dollar contract to change how it tests the reading progress of young students is being challenged by a company that claims it was improperly passed over by state education officials.

MODIFIED: 06/24/19 18:55:37


"What's the appropriate Hallmark card to say, 'Sorry I hurt your chances getting a job in POTUS Cabinet'?"
Former Rep. Charles Jeter, R-Mecklenburg, on leaked Trump administration documents that detailed "red flags" about hiring former Gov. Pat McCrory; the documents cited a 2016 article quoting Jeter to suggest that McCrory has "thin skin."
TWITTER, 6/24/19


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