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UNC-CH Investigation

A system of no-show classes pushed by academic counselors for athletes and employed by coaches eager to keep players eligible at UNC-Chapel Hill produced an "inexcusable betrayal of our values," Chancellor Carol Folt said Wednesday.

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Fjeld-Walker Debate

Democrat Laura Fjeld and Republican Mark Walker will meet in the first of two televised debates Thursday on Time Warner Cable News.

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Student Voters

Because of changes in the state's election law, some of the largest college campuses in the Triangle will not have sites to vote when early voting starts on Thursday.

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CRC Proposals

Gov. Pat McCrory at a meeting of the Coastal Resources Commission on Wednesday urged coastal experts to submit proposals for programs and policies that could later be used to lobby the federal government for increased funding for projects in North Carolina.

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Tillis Rally

U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis presented an image of the 1970s and the memory of President Ronald Reagan in rallying a group of college students in the final two weeks of the campaign.

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Hagan Campaign

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan stressed her support of equal pay for women Wednesday at a campaign stop in Greensboro.

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Stimulus Ad

Attorneys for U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan have written to television stations in North Carolina advising them to refrain from airing an ad from a conservative super PAC that criticizes her over federal stimulus money her husband's company received in 2011.

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Haugh Ads

A series of 10 YouTube commercials appeared this week supporting Sean Haugh, but they weren't produced or funded by the Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate.

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Environmental Campaign

A national environmental group on Wednesday kicked off a TV ad, voter outreach, and mail and digital campaign against Thom Tills in his campaign for U.S. Senate.

MODIFIED: 10/22/14 23:18:28

Campaign Accusations

The N.C. Senate 19 race took a muddier turn this week.

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Aiken Ad

Clay Aiken, the Democratic candidate in the 2nd Congressional District, defended a new negative television ad Wednesday that a fact-checking organization found misleading.

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Virtual Schools

The legislature ordered two virtual charter schools be approved for pilot programs beginning next year.

MODIFIED: 10/22/14 23:16:09

Clodfelter Style

In the seven months since Dan Clodfelter was appointed Charlotte's mayor, the former state senator has taken a light approach.

MODIFIED: 10/22/14 23:15:23

Ebola Readiness

There hasn't been even a suspected case of Ebola in North Carolina, but the preparations across the state for dealing with the deadly virus are being updated frequently, with an emphasis on protecting health care workers and first responders, state health officials said Wednesday.

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Health Insurance Rates

North Carolina's largest health insurer said on Wednesday that 2015 rates will rise by more than 13 percent on average for buyers of individual Affordable Care Act policies.

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"The Crowder-Nyang'oro scheme marks a horrible chapter in the history of this great university."
UNC system President Tom Ross, after the release of a report on the Wainstein investigation into no-show classes at UNC-Chapel Hill.
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