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Terrorist List

State Senate Democrats are pressing Republican leaders who control the chamber to begin work on a North Carolina law to ban individuals on the federal government's terrorist watch list from buying firearms in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 06/24/16 00:10:34

Budget Progress

The top House and Senate leaders say they've made progress on fashioning final North Carolina budget adjustments for next year and sound optimistic a compromise will be voted on sometime next week.

MODIFIED: 06/24/16 00:21:21

Kratom Tea

A little-known drug often served as a tea drink could face new regulations under a bill moving through the state Senate.

MODIFIED: 06/24/16 00:09:12

Lead Testing

The House Regulatory Reform Committee approved a bill Thursday that would require state regulators to test any school or daycare center built before 1987 for lead in its drinking water.

MODIFIED: 06/24/16 00:06:52

HB2 Revisions

The legislature could adjourn for the year within the next week or so, but no revisions to House Bill 2 have publicly emerged yet.

MODIFIED: 06/24/16 00:05:07

Wind Farms

The outlook for North Carolina becoming an East Coast trendsetter for wind farms has turned from "likely" to "unfavorable" under legislation that could become state law this month.

MODIFIED: 06/24/16 00:02:14

Environmental Changes

Several North Carolina environmental law changes have cleared the state Senate.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:59:37

IT Contractors

Proposed limits on computer companies' liability to the state for contracted services passed the state House 105-2 Thursday, and are headed to the Senate for final approval.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:56:11

Super PAC

On the eve of the first gubernatorial debate in the 2016 election in North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory was hit with a pair of social media ad campaigns by opponent Attorney General Roy Cooper and a Democratic super PAC.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:54:05

Sex Offender Restrictions

A court decision striking down parts of a North Carolina law designed to keep some sex offenders away from children has led the state Senate to approve a replacement while the ruling is appealed.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:52:53


The N.C. Department of Transportation's Division of Aviation wants to help drone owners understand new rules issued by the Federal Aviation Administration and how they impact drone operations in the state.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:48:50

Bank Capital

Bank of America and Wells Fargo would have enough capital to weather a hypothetical severe recession, the Federal Reserve said Thursday in releasing the results of its annual stress tests.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:36:42

Gun Law Protest

U.S. Rep. David Price of Chapel Hill relentlessly chanted "No bill, no break" alongside his fellow Democrats as they demanded a vote on gun control legislation.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:34:28


Gov. Pat McCrory announced Thursday that the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved 31 grant and loan requests totaling $10,433,899.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:32:28

Blue Catfish

Landon Evans, a 15-year-old from Benson, pulled a new record-setting blue catfish out of Lake Gaston on June 11 — the enormous fish weighed 117 pounds, 8 ounces.

MODIFIED: 06/23/16 23:31:45


"I'm not a guinea pig. They brought us several samples, which we immediately put in the trash."
Sen. Tom McInnis, R-Richmond, on samples of kratom - a tea drink - brought to the General Assembly for legislators to try. McInnis is sponsoring a bill to ban sales of the product to minors because of potentially harmful effects.


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