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Medicaid Subcommittee

A newly formed legislative subcommittee will take initial steps Wednesday in evaluating whether Medicaid should stand alone as its own state agency.

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Radio Ads

Americans for Prosperity is running new radio ads thanking four Republican state legislators in competitive re-election races this year for their votes for last year's tax reform legislation.

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Campaign Cash - House District 3

A quick look at campaign donations and spending in N.C. House District 3, which includes Beaufort, Craven and Pamlico counties, based on information from the N.C. State Board of Elections.

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Hagan-Tillis Records

In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Kay Hagan is attacking Republican Thom Tillis' four-year tenure as state House speaker, while Tillis is criticizing Hagan's votes as a first-term senator in Washington. A better measure is a less noticed one: the 2007-2008 legislative session when both were state lawmakers voting on the same bills.

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Banking PACs

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan has received $962,000 since 2008 from employees and political action committees of industries that are under the jurisdiction of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, where she has served for a large portion of her first term in Congress.

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Charter Disclosure

Charter schools and the for-profit companies that manage them must disclose all salaries and budget information surrounding their contracts, State Board of Education Chairman Bill Cobey said Friday.

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Broadband Comment

The town of Wilson's bid to overturn North Carolina's 3-year-old law limiting municipal broadband deployment drew heaps of scorn and praise from the state's politicians, city governments and advocacy groups in a public comment period that ended Friday.

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Voting Sites

The Forsyth County Board of Elections majority did not budge on its early voting plan despite concerns from the city of Winston-Salem, but the state will have the final say on whether the board has done its due diligence in selecting South Fork Recreation Center as a voting site.

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Credit Checks

North Carolina advocacy groups are raising social-justice questions about the credit checks and deposits that utilities require of new customers, saying they're unfair to people with modest incomes.

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Job Classification

A fired prison health-care official filed a lawsuit Friday challenging a law passed last year that took away state employees' ability to appeal if their job is reclassified as exempt from civil service protections.

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Landfill Contract

Environmentalists warn that a planned regional landfill in Randolph County could become a burial ground for worrisome amounts of coal ash. A

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Fracking Ads

The fracking ad wars continue. Earlier this week the American Petroleum Institute bought radio ads in the state promoting fracking and defending a handful of pro-fracking legislators who are up for re-election this year. On Friday, the N.C. Environmental Partnership, which aired the original series of "Fracking Crew" ads targeting lawmakers earlier this year, answered the API ads with a new campaign.

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Sales Taxes

For two decades local government has turned to targeted sales taxes to help fund special projects -- a convention center, football stadium renovations, a new uptown arena, new art museums, a baseball stadium and a light-rail line. To foot the bill, Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have raised the sales tax on hotel and motel rooms three times, rental cars two times, restaurant and bar tabs once, and the overall sales tax once.

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Red Wolves

Federal wildlife officials are asking the public to weigh in on a review of a 27-year experiment to restore the endangered red wolf to eastern North Carolina.

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UNC-CH Grades

Starting this fall, transcripts for graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill with include context about average grades awarded in each class.

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"We can't keep going to the same bucket every time, particularly if we have another bucket that we can have access to."
Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners Chairman Trevor Fuller, on the option to raise revenue through sales taxes, taking pressure off property taxes.

the capitol view

Elections Workers on Notice About Social Media Posts

Employees and appointed members of North Carolina's 100 county boards of elections should be mindful when they log onto Facebook pages, Twitter and other social media sites. The State Board of Elections is watching, and "liking" a candidate on Facebook could cost them their positions.

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Incumbents Squash Challengers in Fundraising

Chalk it up as another way that incumbent legislators in general have a distinct advantage over challengers in N.C. General Assembly races this and every other election year. Besides the name recognition and the drawing of legislative districts to favor one political party over the other, most incumbent lawmakers also have more money than their opponents to spend on ads, mass mailings and other campaign activities.

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Can Cooler Heads Prevail to End Session?

Late last week, it seemed like the only thing Republican House and Senate leaders could agree on was to get doused with cold water as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge social media craze raising money to fight Lou Gehrig's disease.

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Millions of Voters Won't Have a Choice on Election Day

As part of my job, I look each day at a 2014 state House or Senate race. All 170 General Assembly districts are up for grabs this year. I look at the makeup of voters, voting trends in the districts, results from recent elections and the candidates and the money they are raising to spend on advertisements and mailings. With that information, and by talking to other people who watch elections closely, I get an idea about the favorites and underdogs across the state.

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Election-Year Anxiety for Seniors

When older people talk, politicians and election candidates usually listen – if they're smart anyway. That's because older people vote, which is why a new poll released this week by AARP North Carolina should grab the attention of U.S. Senate candidates Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis, along with other hopefuls for state and federal offices this November.

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