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The first director of Guilford County's combined public health and social services department brings with him more than 30 years experience in human services.

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Margaret Tennille, 97, died of natural causes Monday at her home, her son said. She served five terms in the N.C. House from 1973 to 1984.

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Turner Fundraising

Democrat Brian Turner's campaign raised about $13,000 more than Republican state Rep. Tim Moffitt during the second quarter, according to state campaign finance reports.

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Charter Controversy

During a press conference Thursday evening, House Democrats expressed concerns over proposed changes to charter school regulations as they emerged from a conference committee and vowed to fight against them on the House floor Friday.

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Factory Rehabs

When a bill designed to help new owners settle into unused industrial buildings left the state House, it was a half-page long and dealt with a single quirk of the state's building codes. It returned form the Senate as a complex, five-page measure that drew objections Thursday from House lawmakers who said it should be given a once-over by the chamber's Environment Committee.

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Technical Corrections

A state task force that works to reduce child deaths could be eliminated under a Republican-backed bill unveiled Thursday that seeks to make dozens of changes to North Carolina laws.

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Lost Bonds

The state Treasurer would be able to search for the owners of long-matured U.S. Savings Bonds under a measure that has cleared the Senate and gotten a nod from the House Finance Committee.

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Charter Results

Students in N.C. charter schools earned higher reading and math scores in 2011 than their counterparts in traditional public schools, while the charter schools got less money for doing it, according to a new study from the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform.

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Athlete Degrees

UNC-Chapel Hill will launch a program to give financial and counseling support to former athletes to encourage them to finish their degrees.

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Employee Petition

A longtime supervisor at the N.C. Commissioner of Banks office says a deputy commissioner is retaliating against him because he resisted her attempts to drive a "substantial" number of employees out of their jobs.

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Sales Taxes

The North Carolina Senate has approved a bill changing how counties impose sales taxes beyond what the state collects.

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Red-light Cameras

Red-light cameras will likely reappear at some Fayetteville intersections soon.

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McCrory Visit

Gov. Pat McCrory made an unusual visit to the legislature Thursday to "touch base" with House and Senate lawmakers as the budget stalemate drags on.

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Incentives Packages

Three years ago, Republican lawmakers balked at a deal put forward by Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue to offer a company cash incentives to lure 1,300 jobs to North Carolina.

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Medicaid Overhaul

A major Medicaid overhaul that largely disregards the wishes of health care providers, the state House and Gov. Pat McCrory won overwhelming support in the state Senate on Thursday in a 28-17 vote.

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"I hate undue regulation as much as anyone in this chamber, but I'm also really big on people being responsible for what they do."
Rep. Rayne Brown, R-Davidson, speaking in favor of a bill to require moped riders to have insurance.
THE INSIDER, 7/25/14
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