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Gerrymandering Decision

Legislative defendants in North Carolina's racial gerrymandering case want a three-judge panel to keep next year's elections on track by promptly making its final ruling and holding a key hearing two weeks sooner than currently scheduled.

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Cardinal Severance

North Carolina lawmakers on Tuesday urged state officials work to recoup nearly $4 million in severance to four former top executives of a regional mental health agency, saying having the agency reimburse the state for the payments isn't good enough.

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Prison Changes

Changes are coming to North Carolina's prisons following five fatal assaults on prison workers and a Charlotte Observer investigation highlighting widespread dangers and corruption.

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Mental Care

The $2.5 million behavioral health zone, funded by an anonymous donor, is UNC Rex Healthcare's attempt to keep mentally ill patients out of emergency rooms.

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Four people have been indicted in the case involving $2.3 million missing from the Wake County Register of Deeds office, including the former register of deeds.

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Cotton Demand

Low cotton prices and a couple of bad weather years have unseated North Carolina as one of the leading cotton-producing states.

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Charter Advisory Board

On Monday, the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) gave four schools of the six schools under review a "ready to open" status, recommending the State Board of Education approve their plans.

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Water Treatment

While Brunswick County Public Utilities and other utility providers in the area continue to test for the presence of GenX and other chemicals in the water, Brunswick County will explore water treatment options for its Northwest Water Treatment Plant.

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Lawmaker Visit

North Carolina Reps. Rena Turner, R-Iredell, and John Fraley, R-Iredell, dropped in at Central Elementary School, where they encouraged fourth-graders to educate themselves on the issues facing their community.

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Enrollment Extension

North Carolina's governor is asking the federal government to extend the enrollment period for Affordable Care Act insurance.

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Investigation Calls

A North Carolina congressman is joining women in the House in their call for a congressional investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by President Donald Trump.

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Flooding Grants

With Bertie County and the Town of Windsor still in recovery mode from two major flooding events in September and October of last year, a trio of grants helped to lift holiday spirits last week.

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Tillis Staff

Senator Thom Tillis announced Tuesday that Kim Canady Barnes will serve as his next State Director and Luke Blanchat will serve as his Deputy State Director.

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Charter School

Leaders of an embattled Durham charter school that's trying to rebuild its image after improperly awarding diplomas to 40 percent of its graduates say they might ask for state permission to reopen the high school program in a few years.

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Mecklenburg Hack

A foreign-based hacker gained access to at least one government employee's computer network log-in ID to launch a "ransomware" attack last week in Mecklenburg County, officials said Tuesday.

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"Because of the Great Recession, which was a wonderful blessing to the state of North Carolina, we have tried to look and we have been forced to look at other issues other than just putting additional money into situations to solve problems."
Rep. Jimmy Dixon, R-Duplin, during a discussion of budget cuts at the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality.
THE INSIDER, 12/12/17


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