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Cooper Adviser

Governor-elect Roy Cooper's newly hired senior adviser is under fire for saying he doesn't stand up at sporting events when the crowds cheer the military.

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:48:22

Charter Schools

Charter school advocates want to push up the timetable for approving charter schools and give rejected applicants a second chance at getting state approval without having to wait as long as a year to reapply.

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Unearned Diplomas

Leaders of Kestrel Heights School told state charter school officials Thursday that at least 53 students were given high school diplomas without meeting state graduation requirements.

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It may be next week before election results are certified in the North Carolina state auditor's race as a statewide recount continues.

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:43:24

Duke Energy

The Duke Energy Foundation will grant $1.5 million to 16 North Carolina environmental and conservation organizations, including three in its Charlotte base.

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:40:00

Light Rail

At least one City Council member wonders whether Durham County governments can afford to support the Durham-Orange Light Rail Project given a new request to kick in up to $135 million over a 10-year period.

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:46:56

Military Base Funding  

North Carolina military bases will receive almost $300 million for various construction projects under a spending bill that cleared Congress on Thursday.

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:38:55

Belhaven Hospital

Advocates of reopening a hospital in Belhaven have scheduled a march at the Executive Mansion.

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:37:18

Expansion Plan

A committee of a commission that North Carolina's Supreme Court chief justice set up in 2015 to do a thorough review of the courts has issued a resolution urging the General Assembly to "tie the number of judges and justices on a given court to the workload of the relevant court."

MODIFIED: 12/08/16 22:36:02

Bipartisan Agenda

Democratic Gov.-elect Roy Cooper knows he needs to craft bipartisan deals to accomplish any portion of his agenda in the Republican-dominated General Assembly, and he said Wednesday that he is ready to talk with legislative leaders and work through the details of building coalitions in the General Assembly to do that.

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The U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, said in a report timed for release Thursday that there is no safe use of electronic cigarettes for youths and young adults.

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Wildfire Containment

Recent showers and storms have slightly eased the South's severe drought, but experts say it wasn't enough to make up for months of dry conditions before the rain finally fell.

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HB2 Effect

Will Roy Williams or Mike Krzyzewski ever coach another NCAA Tournament basketball game in the state of North Carolina?

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In a wire story that appeared in Thursday's Insider about Duke Energy weighing compensation for neighbors living near coal ash pits, it was reported erroneously that the compensation costs will be passed along to power consumers. Costs will be borne by shareholders.

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The ride-share company Lyft has expanded its services to Asheville and Hickory.

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"Actually, you'll see this again when we're in session."
Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, to a newly elected House member who was baffled when asked, during a mock floor session on Thursday, to explain a conference report on a pretend bill she had never heard of. Lewis told freshman that -- in a pinch -- it is always acceptable to say of unfamiliar legislation: "It's a good bill; I know of no opposition."
THE INSIDER, 12/09/16


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