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Golden LEAF

Republicans at the General Assembly who once soured upon a foundation that used to get half of North Carolina's national tobacco settlement money may be coming around to embrace it, or at least accept it.

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At-Risk Students

The judge overseeing the long-running lawsuit over state education quality has asked the State Board of Education for its plan to correct "educational deficiencies" that result in low test scores.

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Greensboro Council

Add another name to the long list of those angry about recent Greensboro City Council changes handed down from Raleigh: Gov. Pat McCrory.

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Medicaid Overhaul

Despite a key win in the Supreme Court and pressure from liberal activists, North Carolina's legislative leaders said this past week that they have no plans to expand the state's Medicaid rolls through President Barack Obama's 2010 health care law.

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Environmental Regulations

For the fifth year in a row, Senate Republicans have cobbled together a wide-ranging deregulation bill to streamline government, running into resistance from Democrats and environmentalists who say they are endangering air and water quality to help businesses.

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Zip Lines

The death of a 12-year-old camper on a zip line this summer has prompted state legislators to see if something should be done to ensure the safety of the rides.

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State Budget

Gov. Pat McCrory said in an interview that it is wrong that his major jobs plan is now a part of ongoing negotiations over the state budget.

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Sales Tax

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce has joined representatives of North Carolina's larger cities and counties to oppose a Senate plan to change the way sales tax proceeds are allocated among local governments.

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Film Incentives

People in Wilmington hope the proposed state budget will breathe new life into the area's film industry.

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Prison Investigation

The investigation into the death of an inmate from dehydration is called into question after more than half of the dismissals of employees are overturned.

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Nichol Project

The Center on Poverty at UNC School of Law closed last week, but its work will continue. That was the message Friday from former Center director Gene Nichol, announcing the opening of a new venture in the same arena.

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County Employees

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma Leake says she wants to make sure all county employees earn a living wage after learning that 123 receive public assistance from the Department of Social Services.

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NCCU Project

N.C. Central University is getting ready to finish a proposal to build a new student union, mindful that the officials are putting proposals under more scrutiny to make sure student fees aren't unfairly increased.

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Charlotte Officer

Lawyers for a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer charged in the 2013 shooting death of an unarmed black man have again asked a judge to move the case outside the county.

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Main Street Democrat

Rep. Susi Hamilton, D-New Hanover, has become a voting member of the Main Street Democrat Legislative Caucus, according to group chairman Rep. Ken Goodman, D-Rockingham.

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"Sadly, I don't have the opportunity to veto it. That's a veto I believe would be upheld."
Gov. Pat McCrory, on House Bill 263, which makes changes to Greensboro's City Council and which, as a local bill, became law without his signature after legislators passed it last week.
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JUNE 2015

INSIDER SPOTLIGHT - North Carolina’s County Tier System: An old ranking system meant to reflect the need for economic aid in individual counties is at the center of a growing push for reform, with analysts arguing it skews realities and a new report from the state Department of Commerce recommending changes. (PDF)

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