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Bladen Board

While still declining to reappoint previous members of the Bladen County Board of Elections, the State Board of Elections appointed three people last week to serve on the board, which would give it the quorum needed to set early voting schedules and conduct other business.

MODIFIED: 03/22/19 19:15:16

Voter Registration

Rep. Graig Meyer, D-Orange, and 16 other Democratic legislators are asking the state elections board to consider redesigning voter registration forms.

MODIFIED: 03/22/19 18:38:43

Safety Committee

House Speaker Tim Moore has reinstated the House Select Committee on School Safety, appointing nearly half of his chamber to review potential policies and programs to make schools safer.

MODIFIED: 03/22/19 18:24:42

Duke CEO Pay

Duke Energy Corp. CEO Lynn Good's reported compensation is down to $14 million after a big raise in 2017 put her at more than $21 million.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 23:13:45

Press Awards

The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun took home 38 awards Thursday night from the North Carolina Press Association.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 23:13:09

I-77 Tolls

Three Charlotte-area legislators are planning to unveil a bill Monday that could result in changes to the I-77 toll lane project.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 23:12:21


After floating a trial balloon for months, N.C. Rep. Chaz Beasley, D-Mecklenburg, announced Thursday night that he'll be running for lieutenant governor.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 22:35:47

Voter ID

A trial judge's ruling keeping two voter-approved amendments out of North Carolina's Constitution -- one of them a photo voter identification requirement -- will remain unenforceable while his decision is appealed by Republican lawmakers.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 20:37:42

Redistricting Questions

The gerrymandering lawsuit challenging North Carolina's district lines for seats in the state legislature is scheduled for trial this July.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 20:35:37

Sheriff Residency

The North Carolina State Board of Elections voted Thursday to allow a hearing on whether a candidate for Columbus County sheriff lives in the county as state law requires.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 20:34:41

Confederate Monument

Two subjects of interest are being sought in connection with the vandalism of a Confederate monument that happened in downtown Salisbury early Wednesday morning.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 20:33:37

UNC Board

The N.C. Senate picked its portion of the new Board of Governors Thursday over the Democratic minority's complaints on process. Most of the choices were re-appointments.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 19:05:53

GOP Maps

North Carolina Republicans lost enough seats during the November elections to end their veto-proof control in the state House and Senate, but still retained the majorities they've held since 2011.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 19:05:14

GenX Action

After two years of hearings, heated debates and special legislation, work at the North Carolina General Assembly on GenX and other, newly emerging contaminants in the Cape Fear and other watersheds has all but halted.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 19:04:30

Sexual Consent

On college campuses, on a Saturday night, it wouldn't be surprising to see young men and women who've had too many drinks.

MODIFIED: 03/21/19 19:03:35


"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: she has the media, she has the followers, but bless her heart, she has some terrible ideas."
Michele Nix, one of 17 Republicans running in 3rd District special primary, in an ad attacking New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
ROLL CALL, 3/21/19


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