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School Funds

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics will announce whether it will delaying opening on Feb. 15 after lawmakers went home from Raleigh Tuesday without providing the school the money it needs to operate.

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Guilford Bonds

A change in policy means that fewer people who have been charged in Guilford County on minor, nonviolent crimes will have to spend time in jail before their court case is resolved, according to a release from the 18th Judicial District Superior Court.

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Submarine Power Line

The cable that will extend the submarine power line that runs across Hatteras Inlet has arrived in Virginia, and could begin making the trek to Hatteras village by truck on Friday.

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Hospital Sale

There is good news for residents of one Eastern Carolina county whose only hospital has been struggling financially.

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Flu Deaths

North Carolina health officials: 11 flu deaths last week

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 21:20:31

UNC Grads

More students are graduating from UNC System universities within five years than ever before, and the upward progress is expected to continue.

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 21:06:54

DCCC Target

National Democrats have added a North Carolina congressional district long held by Republicans to their list of 2020 targets.

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 21:05:52

Spring Lake Audits

The town of Spring Lake failed to submit financial audits to the state for the past two years, according to a letter to the mayor from the N.C. State Treasurer's Office.

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Guilford Grants

Four Guilford County schools are set to receive up to $1.5 million each from the state over 31/2 years to pursue projects to improve student performance.

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 21:04:07

Superintendent Documents

The FBI contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools seeking documents after former superintendent Clayton Wilcox resigned under pressure last year, current school board chair Elyse Dashew and former school board chair Mary McCray said Thursday.

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Note to Subscribers

The Insider will not publish on Monday, January 20, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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Gun Support

Republican state lawmakers in North Carolina are showing their support for gun rights supporters in areas that declare themselves "Second Amendment sanctuaries"

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 19:05:08

Bladen Pledge

The chairman of the Bladen County Board of Elections has apparently changed her mind about the Pledge of Allegiance and will allow it to be placed on the agenda for future meetings.

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 19:03:51

Military Scholarships

Many children of military veterans receive college scholarships in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 01/16/20 19:02:49

Medicaid Expansion

By the time he reached Raleigh after six hours of driving, Dale Wiggins was angry that the lawmakers he was coming to see had already skipped town.

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"Luckily, I live 20 minutes from the Legislative Building. But if I lived six hours away, I would not have been happy that I had to be there."
Rep. Julie von Haefen, D-Wake, on the brief session earlier this week.


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