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HB2 Lawsuit

A nearly three-year long lawsuit stemming from North Carolina's controversial "bathroom law" reached little conclusion Friday, as lawyers for the legislature, the governor and six LGBTQ plaintiffs continue to clash about the law that replaced it.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:36:22

Pricing Plan

Last week, state treasurer Dale Folwell released the details of the contracts he wants North Carolina's health care providers to sign if they want to participate in the health plan covering state employees, retirees and their families.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:34:43

Cooper's Team

Gov. Roy Cooper said this week he didn't have any conversations about removing State Board of Elections Director Kim Strach, but his political operative worked with board Democrats as they lined up Strach's replacement.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 21:28:01

League Leaders

Washington City Council Member William Pitt was chosen by representatives from cities and towns across North Carolina on Thursday to lead the N.C. League of Municipalities as its president over the next year.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:33:56

Tillis Fundraiser

As speaker of the N.C. House, Thom Tillis helped place a ban on same-sex marriages in the state constitution and then defended the amendment in court.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:32:54

Moldova Partnership

North Carolina's partnership with Moldova is continuing with the signing of the fifth five-year bilateral agreement between North Carolina and the Eastern European nation.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:32:02

Anti-Cooper Billboards

"Governor Cooper Is Failing When It Comes To Helping Minority Students" -- it's a claim made on a billboard now up in Raleigh, put there by the Job Creators Network, a national conservative advocacy group.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:29:42

Sanders Visit

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders condemned a new wave of state anti-abortion laws during a rally that drew around 1,500 people to the lawn of Charlotte's Central Piedmont Community College on Friday.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 22:37:40

ICE Cooperation

About two dozen protesters stood across the street from the Executive Mansion Saturday using signs, chants and a mariachi band to urge Gov. Roy Cooper to veto a bill that would force local jails to cooperate with immigration officials.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:29:01

Trooper Recruitment

Roads across North Carolina are being patrolled by fewer troopers today than a decade ago.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:27:23

Firefighter Cancer

The wife of a Burke County firefighter who died of cancer is hoping that his story will help draw attention to the growing number of firefighters with cancer.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:24:49

Unemployment Rate

The state's jobless rate remained at a 10-month high of 4 percent in April even with an uptick in job growth over the past year, the N.C. Commerce Department reported Monday.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:22:09

Trade Tariffs

In President Trump's trade war with China, one of the battlegrounds is North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:21:23

Johnson Opposition

North Carolina's PTA is holding its annual convention and the group's welcome for the state's schools superintendent is getting some opposition from some members.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:27:54

SAT Scores

UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University will join N.C. State in testing a new system in which they'll get an "adversity" score for some applicants that's supposed to take into account the hardships they've faced in their lives.

MODIFIED: 05/19/19 17:20:34


"I was told coming to North Carolina wouldn't make much sense because it was a Republican state. Doesn't look like that today."
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, speaking at a campaign stop in Asheville on Friday.


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