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Google Policing

In at least four investigations last year -- cases of murder, sexual battery and even possible arson at the massive downtown fire in March 2017 -- Raleigh police used search warrants to demand Google accounts not of specific suspects, but from any mobile devices that veered too close to the scene of a crime, according to a WRAL News review of court records.

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Beach Nourishment

An extensive beach nourishment project wrapped up this week as crews finished enlarging the beach near the Holiday Inn, Town Manager Tim Owens said.

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Deer Harvest

Deer hunters in the mountains bagged a record high number of antlered bucks this past hunting season, following a 10-year trend of "exponential" growth.

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Psych Center

An embattled NC psychiatric hospital for teens can now admit new patients after a month-long ban on admissions.

MODIFIED: 03/15/18 20:16:57

Sexual Harassment

While Democratic Party leaders and some legislators have called for Rep. Duane Hall to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations, N.C. House leaders and the majority of the chamber's legislators aren't speaking publicly about Hall or the push for strengthened sexual harassment policies.

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Candidate Residency

One candidate lives on the beach, more than 300 miles from the district in which he's running.

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Gun Raffle

Less than a month after the school shooting that took the lives of 17 in Parkland, Florida, 8th District Republicans are proceeding with a fundraiser to raffle 30 firearms in 30 days.

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Prison Hiring

North Carolina prison officials say they're revving up efforts to fill vacancies at a lockup where four employees were killed. The vacancies at Pasquotank Correctional Institution were so serious that understaffing created opportunities for a deadly escape attempt.

MODIFIED: 03/15/18 17:46:24

Armed Teachers

President Donald Trump and some North Carolina lawmakers have suggested that allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons might be the best way to prevent school shootings, but experienced firearms trainers said Thursday that such a move isn't simple.

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Weekend TV

Political roundtable shows in North Carolina will cover the state's prison systems, school safety, and the NCGOP's call to investigate the Atlantic Coast Pipeline deal.

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Pipeline Money

North Carolina Democratic legislators want Republican colleagues to locate funds to help businesses attach to an expected natural gas pipeline in eastern counties.

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NCAA Reforms

Your NCAA Tournament brackets are not yet busted, but scandal-plagued men's college basketball might be -- and Congress appears increasingly intent on doing something about it.

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Public Records Requests

Over the past four years, the North Carolina affiliate of the ACLU has queried the state's sheriffs for public records to determine if teenaged inmates are being protected from sexual assault and how many people are locked up for failing to pay court fees.

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Air Force Base Support

A state senator from western North Carolina visited Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Wednesday and walked away with a renewed commitment to continue supporting the needs of the military in the legislature.

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Pediatric Obesity

When Selma White stocks her neighborhood convenience store with fruit, she can hardly keep bananas on the shelves.

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