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Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday that he needs to take a look at the cost of the back-to-back-to-back winter storms before rolling out his budget proposal next week.

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Broadband Service

The Federal Communications Commission is siding with Wilson against North Carolina, voting Thursday that the city's Greenlight broadband service can be sold outside the city limits in a victory for so-called municipal broadband services.

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Fee Increases

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall asked legislators this week to approve fee increases that would generate $2.68 million in new revenue.

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UNC Board

The UNC Board of Governors moved closer Thursday to shutting down three university-based academic centers and raising tuition, after a series of committee meetings in Charlotte.

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Charter Documents

Charter Day School Inc. has turned over nearly 24,000 pages of documents to the StarNews that the newspaper requested under the state's public records law.

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Water Contamination

North Carolina's environmental agency cited Duke Energy on Wednesday for coal ash contamination of groundwater at its Asheville power plant.

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Lynch Vote

Both of North Carolina's Republican senators on Thursday said they'd reject Loretta Lynch's nomination as U.S. attorney general.

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Ex-President Probe

The State Bureau of Investigation is waiting to see whether an investigation into Cape Fear Community College by the State Auditor's Office finds criminal violations before the SBI Financial Crimes Unit gets involved, according to Teresa West, special agent in charge of special programs.

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Downtown Revitalization

The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership took the opportunity on a cold winter day to describe how hot the revitalization initiative has been the past 15 years.

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Hog Waste

Researchers based at the University of North Carolina experimented with DNA tests to see whether large-scale hog farms are illegally allowing hog manure to pollute rivers and other surface waters.

MODIFIED: 02/26/15 22:31:51

Prisoner Lawsuit

A national organization is suing North Carolina over what it says is state prison officials' refusal to allow atheists or humanists to hold study groups as religious inmates do.

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Forest Services

The already-strapped U.S. Forest Service is facing deep cuts to law enforcement personnel, and in North Carolina, the agency is undergoing a reorganization that likely will eliminate at least some vacant positions, though it is unclear if existing staff may lose jobs.

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Toll Suspended

Chesapeake has stopped collecting tolls on the Chesapeake Expressway due to winter weather.

MODIFIED: 02/26/15 22:29:29

Ferry Fuel

Two coastal senators say the N.C. Ferry Division could save a chunk of change with the help of a bill they've filed for fuel purchases at a guaranteed and limited price.

MODIFIED: 02/26/15 17:59:22

Dental Board

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the North Carolina state dental board does not have the authority to regulate teeth whitening services, a decision with the potential to transform similar licensing boards across the country.

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"If we're not there to do these kinds of things, the private sector is stuck in the mud."
Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, on her office's role in ensuring investors aren't cheated.

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