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State Honors

As the highest civilian honor the governor can bestow, the Order of the Long Leaf Pine is slowing its growth rate, taking in fewer inductees as the executive office maintains (or possibly attempts to restore) its exclusivity.

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Insurance Denial

North Carolina will not allow the insurance industry to raise homeowners' rates as sought, according to an order Friday that followed one of recent history's most contentious dialogues between the state's insurance commissioner and the group representing private insurers. 

MODIFIED: 12/19/14 12:25:57

Lender Requirements

House members expect to vote Friday on whether to recommend easing requirements for mortgage lenders, a move that proponents say would cut costs for the industry but critics say would dilute protections for borrowers.

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Cuba Opening

Allan Henderson sold North Carolina apples to hungry Cubans for three years during a brief easing of trade restrictions, and he hopes for a chance to do business in Cuba again.

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Renewables Plant

The New York-based owners of a Duplin County renewable energy facility are hoping to enlist Gov. Pat McCrory and other GOP leaders in a last-ditch effort to save the plant from shutting down and laying off two dozen workers.

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Debt Forgiveness

North Carolina's attorney general has ordered a company he says targeted military families with unfair practices to forgive debts and pay refunds.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:19:52

Prison Audit

Months after the dehydration death of a mentally ill inmate, an audit of the prison where he was left handcuffed in solitary confinement for five days reported continued problems with large caseloads, low staff morale and neglect of several prisoners.

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One of the side questions going into the new legislative session is how Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker-designee Tim Moore will get along.

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Ash Storage

The Legislature may have taken away local government's control regarding Duke Energy's plans to dump up to 12 million tons of coal ash in Moncure over the next five years, but the Chatham County Board of Commissioners is far from silent on its stance on the subject.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:17:14

Undocumented Children

The Durham City Council is considering adopting a resolution to show support for children in the community who are in the U.S. illegally.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:16:18

Homework Policy

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leaders are considering changes to their academic policies that would allow teachers to rethink the role of homework and make it so students can't be dinged for not bringing a pencil to class.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:15:25

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking may no longer lead to a criminal record in Forsyth County. Forsyth is one of four North Carolina counties to partner with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission and its new campaign to curb underage drinking.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:14:37

Partisan Elections

The Sanford City Council remains at odds as to whether to officially ask the legislature to make city council elections nonpartisan again.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:12:50

NCCU Program

N.C. Central University will be offering a new major beginning next fall.

MODIFIED: 12/18/14 23:12:05

Common Core

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said the Common Core curriculum is to blame for North Carolina schools' poor grades in a new scoring system.

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"You can say what you want about why those test scores are low -- students aren't as smart as we thought, the teachers aren't prepared to teach Common Core, the tests themselves are flawed -- whatever."
Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, on the Common Core curriculum.

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