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Governor's Appointments

Monday Gov. Roy Cooper named 21 new appointees to various state boards and commissions, including the North Carolina Commission for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services and the North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission.

MODIFIED: 10/16/17 16:19:03

Press Calendar

One news conference is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 17 at the Legislative Building.

MODIFIED: 10/16/17 16:18:29

Fair Drinks

Long lines at the state fair are not unusual. But something new is making people queue up this year: sales of alcohol, which is being offered there for the first time ever.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 21:12:39

UNC Scandal

An NCAA infractions committee decided it will not punish UNC as it relates to "paper courses" attended by students, including student athletes.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 18:30:27

Unaffiliated Voters

Vigorous recruiting efforts can reverse the trend of fewer Robeson County residents registering as Democrats, the county Democratic Party chairman says.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 18:29:10

Swan Hunting

A federal plan to let hunters shoot trumpeter swans has drawn fire from some of the people who toiled to bring the majestic white birds back from the brink of extinction.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 18:01:00

Redistricting Trial

The redistricting practices of North Carolina Republicans are getting scrutinized yet again in court, this time in a trial in which federal judges must decide whether mapmakers can go too far drawing boundaries that favor their party.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:24:37

Defamation Lawsuit

The attorneys who brought a defamation lawsuit over voter protests filed in the wake of last November's elections want to add former Gov. Pat McCrory's legal defense fund and the attorneys who helped file those protests, to their suit.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:23:53

Override Session

North Carolina Republican legislative leaders are asking lawmakers to return to Raleigh this week to consider overriding Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of a bill that would cancel primaries for 2018 judicial elections.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:23:08

ACA Lawsuit

North Carolina's Attorney General Josh Stein is joining 18 other Democratic attorneys general in a planned federal lawsuit to block President Trump's move to eliminate Affordable Care Act subsidies.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:22:11

Prison Deaths

The N.C. Department of Public Safety released a statement Friday night saying it will take immediate action to make prisons safer following the attempted escape at Pasquotank Correctional Institution in Elizabeth City that killed two prison employees and injured others Thursday.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:21:17

Solar Tax Breaks

At least three eastern North Carolina counties want to end local property tax breaks for solar farms that could stunt the industry's rapid expansion in the region.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:20:31

Raleigh Runoff

Raleigh voters will be asked to go to the polls for a second time in less than a month.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:19:30

Opioid Comments

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield used Wilson's opioid crisis as an example during a health subcommittee hearing last week on Capitol Hill.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:18:50


Former state Rep. Robert Brawley, who ran a long-shot campaign for governor last year, was sentenced Friday to 15 days in jail on a contempt of court charge tied to a civil case brought against him by his business partners.

MODIFIED: 10/15/17 17:18:06


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