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Florida Ballots

A Florida judge ordered Monday that Amendment 8, the measure that seeks to create a pathway for the state to oversee charter schools and bypass local school boards, be removed from the ballot.

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Killer Released

A white Hiddenite man convicted of manslaughter in 2016 for the fatal shooting of a black man will be freed from prison after accepting a plea deal in a retrial Monday.

MODIFIED: 08/20/18 21:58:53

Silent Sam

Protesters toppled the Silent Sam Confederate statue on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill on Monday night.

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Duke Suit

N.C. Supreme Court judges don't want the courts to use any legal sleight-of-hand to keep alive a medical-malpractice case that alleges a doctor affiliated with the Duke University Health System let a patient fall off the operating table.

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Wilmington VA

Reduced wait times. Better customer service. And, yes, safe water.

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Rural Health

Mission Health says it will give $30 million to $90 million to foundations in five rural Western North Carolina communities plus an Asheville-based one if its proposed sale to HCA Healthcare goes through.

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Beach Homes

There's a "disaster" approaching North Carolina's coast, and it's not a hurricane.

MODIFIED: 08/20/18 20:05:30

Mecklenburg Taxes

When Mecklenburg County's 365,000 new property tax valuations go out in January, homeowners are likely to be the ones paying most attention -- but renters could be in for a bigger surprise.

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Police Lawsuit

Three Greenville police detectives disciplined after a May 2018 traffic stop filed suit against a city councilwoman this week, arguing that her formal complaint against them amounts to an abuse of authority.

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UNCA Dorms

The fire safety problems that prompted the state Department of Insurance to bar students from moving in to five new residence halls at University of North Carolina Asheville last week would have been caught early if the buildings were private homes or a hotel, state fire officials said Monday.

MODIFIED: 08/20/18 19:15:16

GenX Goal

The Secretaries' Science Advisory Board (SAB) has deemed North Carolina's provisional GenX health goal of 140 parts per trillion appropriate, according to a draft report released to the public and reviewed by the board on Monday.

MODIFIED: 08/20/18 19:14:26

Holding Fundraising

U.S. Rep. George Holding, a Wake County Republican who has won each of his three terms with more than 56 percent of the vote, told supporters Monday that he is trailing Democratic candidate Linda Coleman in North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District.

MODIFIED: 08/20/18 19:13:32

Buncombe Plea

Crowded around a desk with their attorneys sitting between them, three defendants who once served as Buncombe County's top administrative officials pleaded not guilty to a 32-count indictment accusing them of taking kickbacks from a longtime contractor.

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Dennis Boyles pulled few punches when saying why he decided to retire effective Aug. 31 after almost 15 years as the Pender County's elections director.

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Making it government policy that smokers be encouraged to switch to electronic cigarettes as "a considerably less harmful alternative" if they can't quit is the recommendation of a bipartisan legislative panel.

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"I'm tucking my tail between my legs and running."
Pender County Elections Director Dennis Boyles, on his retirement.

the capitol view

Politicians' Amendments Battle Threatens Election Process

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With Insane DMV Wait Times, State Leaders Must Act Now

If you haven't been to the DMV lately, prepare to be unpleasantly surprised. Everyone's favorite state agency has upped its game and now offers an even more hellish experience.

MODIFIED: 08/13/18 10:12:42

Four Things We've Learned From Campaign Fundraising Reports

We're about three months away from this year's elections, so who's winning in the polls?

MODIFIED: 08/06/18 10:03:41

Ballot Change is Good Policy, But Way Too Late

A couple hours into last week's surprise special legislative session, reporters played a game of "20 questions" with one of the most powerful people in the state.

MODIFIED: 07/30/18 10:24:01

Key Details Missing From Constitutional Amendments

In what will be the biggest demonstration of direct democracy in North Carolina since 1970, voters this November will decide the fate of six different changes to the state's constitution -- ranging from a voter ID requirement to a reduction in the governor's appointment powers.

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