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Highway Patrol Investigation

At least five State Highway Patrol troopers have been transferred out of Wake County and into other divisions as patrol leaders investigate allegations of cheating during last month's promotions testing.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 21:33:15

Duke Spill

The federal, North Carolina and Virginia governments asked a court Thursday to declare the country's largest electricity company liable for environmental damage from a leak five years ago that left miles of a river shared by the two states coated in hazardous coal ash.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 21:32:36

Historical Markers

An agency in charge of North Carolina historical markers says two of five markers recently reported missing have been recovered.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 21:31:49

Budget Earmarks

The budget written by Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly includes millions of dollars in earmarks for local park projects and water and sewer infrastructure improvements in communities across the state.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 21:31:09

Eden Investigation

State Bureau of Investigation agents on Wednesday interviewed Eden city government workers as part of an ongoing investigation, agency officials said.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 21:30:27

White House Visit

During a White House visit Thursday, Gov. Roy Cooper expressed concern to Trump administration officials about how long it is taking disaster relief grants to reach North Carolina, including a $168 million package that state officials have been awaiting for more than a year.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 20:08:34

USDA Relocation

The state offered the U.S. Department of Agriculture $10.5 million in lease support to encourage it to bring facilities to North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 20:07:26

Homeless Risks

The Department of Homeland Security defines a 2 or 3 day streak of 90-degree temperatures as "extreme heat."

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 20:06:42

Grange Running

When it comes to challenging Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, Republican primary voters now have multiple options.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:42:39

Republican Letter

North Carolina Senate Republicans didn't like what Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper said about their leaders Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:40:53

School Attendance

Twenty percent of North Carolina's students are not attending the state's traditional public schools -- and that percentage is expected to continue rising.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:40:03

Assault Legislation

Time is running out for state senators to vote on a bill this year that would modify the state's sexual assault statutes to eliminate a loophole.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:38:53

Virtual Charters

The Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would, among other things, get rid of the enrollment cap on one of the state's two virtual charter schools and allow it to grow its population by 20% annually if it so chose.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:38:07

Enrollment Bill

Sen. Tom McInnis, R-Richmond, has been in Raleigh as the state budget is still being negotiated on Wednesday.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:37:22

Buncombe Pensions

Before she admitted to taking bribes from a longtime contractor, Mandy Stone walked away from her Buncombe County manager job with two final paychecks totaling more than $140,000.

MODIFIED: 07/18/19 19:34:27


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