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Federal Letter

U.S. Justice Department officials repudiated House Bill 2 on Wednesday, telling Gov. Pat McCrory that the law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX.

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Spending Target

House and Senate budget writers have agreed to a $22.225 billion spending limit for the coming fiscal year, an approach that would spend less than Gov. Pat McCrory's proposal.

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Lottery Money

Several House Democrats say the state lottery windfall from the Powerball frenzy this year should be used to help keep teachers in North Carolina classrooms.

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Blue Cross Fines

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said Wednesday that he expects to issue a fine against Blue Cross and Blue Shield "in the millions of dollars" for ongoing technology problems that have botched coverage, billing and payments for thousands of customers and doctors in the past four months.

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NCAA Teams

Teams could pull out of scheduled NCAA events this spring because of state laws in North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee while the sport's governing body's demands for discrimination-free environments at the places where its events are held won't take effect until the fall.

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I-77 Toll

Saying residents of north Mecklenburg County are getting a "raw deal" from the state, Rep. Tricia Cotham on Wednesday asked Gov. Pat McCrory to cancel the contract for Interstate 77 toll lanes.

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Presidential Race

The leaders of the state's Republican and Democratic parties don't agree on much, but both say having Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee will energize their voters in November, albeit in different ways.

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Primary Results

Primary ballots in 20 counties still are being examined nearly two months after the March 15 election vote to ensure a photo identification law enforced for the first time and other voting laws were implemented correctly.

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Duke Lobbying

The sisters of two Catholic religious orders that own Duke Energy stock want the nation's biggest electric utility to open up about its lobbying of federal and state officials.

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LGBT Boycotts

North Carolina's attorney general wants business leaders to push Republican politicians to change House Bill 2 and to back his campaign for governor.

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Anna Gronewold, a journalist with experience covering state politics, has been hired by The Associated Press to help cover the 2016 legislative session in North Carolina.

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Child Labor

A report about the practices of farmers who sell tobacco to R.J. Reynolds shows that a few growers had children under the age of 13 working in their fields, violating a pledge by the company to ban the hiring of people so young.

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Revenue Bill

The House on Wednesday voted 107-4 to tentatively approve a series of changes to the state tax code, mostly minor and technical in nature. Four Democrats voted against Senate Bill 729, which has already passed the Senate.

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Ferry Tolls

Two eastern North Carolina senators on Wednesday filed a bill to eliminate tolls on the three N.C. ferry routes that have them now and prohibit the Ferry Division from tolling any of the other routes in the future.

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Online Registration

House Democrats hope North Carolina could soon join 31 states, plus the District of Columbia, that now offer online voter registration.

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"It looks an awful lot like politics to me."
House Speaker Tim Moore, on the U.S. Justice Department's finding that House Bill 2 violates the Civil Rights Act and Title IX.

the capitol view

Salaries, Bonuses Focus of Budget Debate

It took no longer than the first budget meeting before the battle lines were drawn in what will become the biggest spending-related debate of 2016. It will be about raises and bonuses for state employees and teachers, as well as cost-of-living adjustments for government retirees.

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What Are Your Priorities for State Government?

This column is what we call in newsroom parlance a "fetcher." I'm not attempting to tell you something you don't know, but rather asking for input on the most important issues facing North Carolina as we trudge toward the November elections. I hope to use your responses in columns to highlight the top issues in state government over the next few months.

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A Coach's Lesson

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For Republicans, No History of Backing Down

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A Good Start on Savings

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