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Magistrate Discipline

State lawmakers are now looking to find clarity and uniformity in disciplining magistrates across the state where there previously was none.

MODIFIED: 02/21/17 19:58:10

Legislator Plates

Rep. Mike Clampitt, R-Swain, proposed a wording change to the state law regarding registration of lawmaker license plates after he was approached by someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

MODIFIED: 02/21/17 19:45:50

House Rules

Lobbyists and other non-legislators will see their chamber access decrease slightly under new permanent rules adopted by the House on Tuesday.

MODIFIED: 02/21/17 19:20:33

School Financing

With lawmakers accelerating into the budget-writing season, a policy analysis released this week by the left-leaning NC Justice Center seeks to shed light upon North Carolina's labyrinthine school funding efforts and their impact on rapidly shifting educational demographics.

MODIFIED: 02/21/17 17:21:32

Transylvania Partisanship

Last year lawmakers changed the Transylvania County Board of Education election from nonpartisan to partisan -- this year, a bill has been filed to switch it back.

MODIFIED: 02/21/17 12:51:17

Flu Numbers

In the last few weeks, North Carolina has seen a big spike in the number of flu cases, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu is now widespread in the state.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 23:04:31

Wake Health

Wake may have one of the healthiest populations in North Carolina, but it also has one of the highest rates of chlamydia and 25 percent of its population is obese.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:56:39

Corning Expansion

Corning will add 410 jobs in Cabarrus and Catawba counties, according to an economic development announcement Monday by Gov. Roy Cooper.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:55:42

Education Investment

Buncombe County officials are questioning plans for a $27 million building at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College that would house arts, science and engineering classes. That project is currently in a "holding spot," according to County Manager Wanda Greene.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:37:56

UNC Board

The Republican-controlled General Assembly on Monday sent its first bill of the year to new Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper -- legislation reducing membership on the board overseeing the University of North Carolina system's 17 campuses. With the Senate's final vote, Cooper will have 10 days to decide whether to sign the measure reducing the UNC Board of Governors from 32 voting members to 24, veto the bill, or let it become law without his signature.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:35:38

SBI Investigation

The State Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant at the Hoke County government offices on Monday afternoon at the request of the Hoke County Sheriff's Office and Hoke County District Attorney Office, the SBI said.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:34:36

Wilmington Rentals

A proposal to regulate whole-home, short-term rentals was met with disdain by some Wilmington city council members who said they didn't believe the language did enough to protect residential districts.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:33:42

Fried Chicken Feud

A bill to make a Fayetteville festival that hasn't been held yet North Carolina's official fried chicken festival is ruffling feathers in Rose Hill which has held a jubilee to honor the deep-fried bird for five decades.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 22:32:52

Security Adviser

President Donald Trump's pick for national security adviser, Herbert Raymond "H. R." McMaster, is a UNC-Chapel Hill grad who wrote an influential book that critiqued the U.S. military for not opposing President Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam War.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 23:25:38

Border Security

Two of North Carolina's members of Congress are spending their break in Texas checking out the country's security efforts along the Mexican border.

MODIFIED: 02/20/17 23:37:30


"Unfortunately, the UNC Board of Governors looks more like a 1950s men's club than it does the citizenry of North Carolina."
Hannah Gage, Emeritus member of the UNC Board of Governors and former board president, on the possibility of downsizing of the UNC board.

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