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MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:39:51

Fired UNC Employee

UNC-Chapel Hill officials on Tuesday identified Jaimie A. Lee as one of the employees fired in the wake of the Wainstein report that outlined years of bogus classes aimed at keeping some athletes academically eligible.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:38:50

Moore Interview

Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, spent the past four years as then-Speaker Thom Tillis' rules chairman. In January, Moore expects to take full control of the machinery that runs the state House. "Ten years ago I never would have seen myself as speaker," Moore said during an interview Tuesday.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:37:52

Water Hike

Attorney General Roy Cooper is trying to block the state's largest private water utility from being able to raise customer rates more quickly and with less public pushback.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:36:22

Closed Meeting

Fifteen national environmental organizations are complaining about a closed-door meeting in Raleigh on Nov. 6 where state and federal officials talked with groups funded by the oil and gas industry about offshore energy development.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:35:36

Election Outcomes

Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley won her re-election campaign against Forsyth County lawyer Mike Robinson despite vote tabulation errors discovered in several counties throughout the state.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:30:47

Drone Proposal

The Wake County Public School System might push for change in laws against flying drones.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:29:47

Voting Confusion

Democracy North Carolina released a report Tuesday that says the changes to the state's elections by last year's law led to confusion, long lines and thousands of voters sitting out.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:28:46

Teacher Grants

Fifty-one recipients in Cape Fear region schools this month received grants that total nearly $65,000 to aid education.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:27:46

Judicial Nominees

Alamance County's soon-to-be-vacant District Court judge seat is in the governor's hands now.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:26:45


Gov. Pat McCrory appointed Guilford County Commissioner Linda Shaw to a state tax board.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:25:01

Ferguson Bound

North Carolina NAACP President William Barber said he and a delegation from his group are headed to Missouri to join protests against the decision not to file criminal charges against a police officer in the shooting death on an unarmed teenager.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:24:19

Body Cameras

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office looks to follow New Hanover County's lead by equipping patrol deputies with body cameras after county commissioners on Tuesday approved allowing the sheriff's office to shift funds allocated for other expenses.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:23:25


A 48-year-old state Department of Revenue employee has been charged with embezzling money that had been collected by her co-workers and earmarked for charities.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:22:29


Frederick Van Sant, a global expert in technology-assisted teaching and learning, has been named executive director of the University of North Carolina system's Center for International Understanding.

MODIFIED: 11/25/14 23:21:43


"Many have record-level needs this season, so please give. But give with knowledge. Do your homework."
Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, on findings that charitable giving is down and the share of each dollar contributed also has declined for charities that use professional fundraisers.
WRAL NEWS, 11/25/14

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