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911 Call

A judge ruled Thursday that 911 recordings will be released in the case of a Charlotte garden center owner, who called 911 to say he had shot someone trying to break into his business, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

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FedEx Jobs

The FedEx Express Mid-Atlantic Hub at the Piedmont Triad International Airport will add about 400 employees over the next several months, company officials said Thursday.

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UNCA Housing

The University of North Carolina Asheville must scramble to find places for hundreds of incoming students to live, after the state Insurance Commissioner determined that five new residence halls are a safety hazard and prohibited the university from using them.

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Blackbeard Death

Blackbeard lost his head in Ocracoke nearly 300 years ago, following unlawful actions by an overzealous Virginia lieutenant governor, according to a historian.

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Pipeline Review

A coalition of environmental groups asked a federal appeals court on Thursday to review the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's approval of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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Pollution Lawsuit

A federal judge is keeping alive a lawsuit accusing the country's second-largest electricity company of violating water pollution laws by allowing potentially toxic coal ash sludge into neighboring waterways.

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ABC Resignation

A commissioner on the panel regulating North Carolina's alcohol sales has resigned following a state audit that decided it had done a poor job controlling costs by a vendor that manages liquor warehouse space.

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Steinburg Contract

Cole Phelps, the Democratic candidate in state Senate District 1, criticized his Republican opponent, Bob Steinburg, on Saturday for seeking and receiving a $50,000 sports marketing contract from Currituck County, describing the contract as "wrong."

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Chemours Communications

Lawyers representing residents who are suing Chemours over GenX contamination in their wells asked a federal judge this week to keep the company from communicating with their clients.

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Topless Protest

If men are allowed to be topless in public, women "should have the same constitutional right," says on its website.

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Highway Closed

A landslide that will not stop moving is preventing transportation officials from reopening a North Carolina highway.

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Meadows Visit

Back in the mountains for August recess, U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, said the economy and foreign policy were on the minds of voters in the 11th District.

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GenX Research

The NC Policy Collaboratory will help utilities find out is there are man-made contaminants in their drinking water supplies.

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Lee Statue

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee removed from Duke University Chapel will remain an empty space to "provide a powerful statement about the past, the present and our values," President Vincent Price announced Thursday.

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Recovery Management

The Lumberton City Council hired on Tuesday a project manager to oversee the renovation, demolition or elevation of 106 homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew almost two years ago.

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"There is absolutely no corruption at the ABC Commission."
Mike Herring, an ABC Board commissioner, on his resignation which he said was in protest of a recent audit that found millions of dollars in waste.

the capitol view

With Insane DMV Wait Times, State Leaders Must Act Now

If you haven't been to the DMV lately, prepare to be unpleasantly surprised. Everyone's favorite state agency has upped its game and now offers an even more hellish experience.

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Four Things We've Learned From Campaign Fundraising Reports

We're about three months away from this year's elections, so who's winning in the polls?

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Ballot Change is Good Policy, But Way Too Late

A couple hours into last week's surprise special legislative session, reporters played a game of "20 questions" with one of the most powerful people in the state.

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Key Details Missing From Constitutional Amendments

In what will be the biggest demonstration of direct democracy in North Carolina since 1970, voters this November will decide the fate of six different changes to the state's constitution -- ranging from a voter ID requirement to a reduction in the governor's appointment powers.

MODIFIED: 07/23/18 10:12:48

Four Ways to Fix The Legislature's Huge Transparency Problem

Imagine you've just found out about a piece of state legislation that will affect your life. Maybe it's a new regulation for your business. Maybe it's a change in the tax code, or something that affects your personal liberties.

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