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HB2 Suit

The American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of North Carolina, and Lambda Legal will file new court action against North Carolina's House Bill 142, the law that replaced the infamous HB2 Bathroom bill.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 22:59:40

New Hanover Letter

In a letter sent Thursday afternoon, New Hanover County Board of Commissioners Chairman Woody White had several questions about GenX water contamination for Gov. Roy Cooper prior to Cooper's visit to the region next week.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 22:27:16

Pentagon Post

Robert Wilkie, a senior adviser to U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, is President Donald Trump's pick to be under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 22:26:19

Elections Boards

The state Supreme Court froze any further action in the revamp of the state elections board and ethics commission while a lawsuit challenging the merger awaits a hearing before the justices.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 20:00:05

Offshore Drilling

Under pressure from President Donald Trump, North Carolina's governor announced his opposition on Thursday to drilling for natural gas and oil off the Atlantic coast, saying it poses too much of a threat to the state's beaches and tourism economy.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:51:26

Medicaid Expansion

North Carolina's legislative leaders have dropped their lawsuit challenging Gov. Roy Cooper's attempt to expand the state's Medicaid program in the waning days of Barack Obama's presidency.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:50:32

AG Layoffs

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein has spent the past several weeks asking other state agencies to contribute money from their budgets to pay for the work of assistant attorneys general who might have to be laid off to comply with a surprise $10 million budget cut.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:49:37

Schools Lawsuit

The Richmond County Board of Education will take its case against the state to the highest court in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:48:21

Pension Gains

Powered by gains in its stock portfolio, the state pension fund reported a 2.7 percent investment return in the second quarter and a 10.6 percent increase for the fiscal year.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:47:31

MLS Competition

Could the state of North Carolina tilt the playing field to Raleigh over Charlotte in the fight for a major league soccer franchise? That's what two Mecklenburg County lawmakers said Thursday.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:46:33

Zoo Plans

The North Carolina Zoo has established the Conservation, Education and Science Department to refocus conservation efforts and more effectively communicate those efforts to the public.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:45:26

Dry County

Burke County voters will get a chance in November to decide whether alcohol should be sold throughout the county.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:44:06

Rejected Candidacy

John Moore, whose candidacy for Hendersonville City Council was rejected last week by the county Board of Elections due to his age, lost his appeal of that decision Thursday morning.

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Authorities have captured an inmate who escaped from a North Carolina prison.

MODIFIED: 07/20/17 19:39:36

Job Training

The 123 employees of the Kaba Ilco Corp. plant in Winston-Salem have been made eligible to receive additional weeks of unemployment insurance and reimbursement for job training, relocation and other costs.

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"The state needs to butt out of the Raleigh bid."
Sen. Jeff Tarte, R-Mecklenburg, on rival Major League Soccer bids between Raleigh and Charlotte.

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