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Vacated Conviction

A North Carolina appeals court has thrown out a man's sex crime conviction against a young teenager because prosecutors didn't identify the girl when bringing charges.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 21:26:25

Immigration Program

Since being sworn in more than a week ago, Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker has followed through on his promise to end the county's participation in the federal 287(g) program.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 21:25:35

Marijuana Conviction

A former physician and advocate of medical marijuana use will remain in prison for another 17 years or more after the state Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld his 2017 conviction on five of seven drug charges.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 21:24:53

9th District Representation

For the second time in five years, three-quarters of a million North Carolinians are about to find themselves without representation in Congress. For how long is an open question.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 20:54:41

Coastal Development

The Waters of the U.S. rule has long been a point of contention between industry and regulators.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 20:53:56

Statutory Rape

A Fort Bragg's Special Operations Command sergeant stationed at North Carolina's Fort Bragg has been charged with child sex counts involving a girl under 15.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 20:53:15

N&O Appeal

A state appeals court has ruled in favor of an agent in the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation who had sued The News & Observer for libel and won $6 million from a Wake County jury after a 2016 trial that lasted more than three weeks.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 19:45:48

Distressed Counties

When the clock strikes midnight this New Year's Eve, Cumberland County will join the ranks of some of the most economically distressed counties in North Carolina.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 19:44:58

Government Shutdown

Gov. Roy Cooper along with his cabinet are preparing for a possible federal government shutdown as lawmakers and Washington D.C., work to hammer out a budget compromise with President Donald Trump's administration.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:39:45

Elections Veto

Gov. Roy Cooper threatened Tuesday to veto a bill that allows for a complete do-over of the 9th Congressional District race, starting with a primary if the state elections board calls for a new election.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:28:51

Voter ID Veto

The state Senate voted Tuesday to override Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of a voter ID bill, one of the final steps needed before the state requires voters to show photo identification at the polls.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:28:08

Robeson Affidavit

A new complaint and affidavit submitted by a Republican judge in Robeson County has raised new allegations of voting irregularities in the county, separate and apart from anything to do with absentee ballots.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:27:18

Dowless Attorney

The attorney for McCrae Dowless, the Bladen County political operative at the center of a state investigation into election irregularities in the 9th Congressional District, said Tuesday that her client "has not violated any state or federal campaign laws, and current ongoing investigations will prove the same."

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:26:41

First Amendment Suit

The Fayetteville Observer challenged a judge's decision to permanently seal a case involving car dealer Mike Lallier and allegations of sexual abuse involving minors.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:25:46

Teacher Licensing

The math exam that has made it difficult for hundreds of new North Carolina teachers to get their license could be phased out as early as February, based on a recent vote by a panel of state education experts.

MODIFIED: 12/18/18 18:24:57


"I would be very happy if they just adjourned and left today. That would be good."
Gov. Roy Cooper on the General Assembly's lame-duck session.
THE INSIDER, 12/18/18


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