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Election Bills

Sen. Angela Bryant, D-Nash, is concerned that some absentee ballots are being unfairly thrown out because they don't have a postmark.

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Duke University has postponed what was supposed to be a Friday night appearance on campus by former presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Harassment Accountability

A North Carolina congressman joined a legislative effort on Thursday that he said would hold members of Congress "personally responsible for their actions" when it comes to sexual harassment and abuse.

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Amazon Headquarters

Amazon has named the Raleigh metropolitan area as one of 20 finalists for the company's second North American headquarters.

MODIFIED: 01/18/18 20:03:39

Education Ranking

Issues with school funding and student achievement dropped North Carolina to 40th in the country in a new report card on public education, continuing a downward trend in the rankings for the Tar Heel state.

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Farr Nomination

Over strong opposition from Democrats, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved President Donald Trump's nomination of Thomas Farr to be a federal judge for the second time on a party-line vote.

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Redistricting Delay

It would be unfair to candidates to force the state General Assembly to redraw North Carolina's congressional district boundaries at this point in the election cycle, the state's 10 Republican members of the U.S. House are telling the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Winter Weather

The deep freeze that shut down much of the South began to relent Thursday as crews salted and cleared roads after a slow-moving storm left ice and snow in places that usually enjoy mild winters.

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Eugenics Compensation

The third and final compensation payment to North Carolina eugenics victims is expected to be mailed soon, state administrative officials confirmed Wednesday.

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Class Size

Expect the state legislature to be in session this March and for it to take up school system concerns with class size restrictions that could otherwise trigger major changes for Wake County students, Sen. John Alexander, R-Wake, said Thursday.

MODIFIED: 01/18/18 19:56:38

Immigration Cases

A new lawsuit tries to force immigration judges handling cases in the Carolinas to consider releasing non-citizens on bond as immigration courts around the country do.

MODIFIED: 01/18/18 19:55:31

Sessions Meeting

24th Judicial District Attorney Seth Banks traveled to Charlotte for a meeting with United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina Andrew Murray, according to Banks' office.

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Rural Hospital

In the 30 years Mike Stevenson has been leading Murphy Medical Center, he's seen it happen too often: People wait to get the treatment they need.

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N.C. Central University's law school is "significantly out of compliance" with the American Bar Association's accreditation standards, apparently, because its admission standards aren't tough enough.

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Primary Endorsements

N.C. House caucus leaders for the two political parties are taking different approaches to contested legislative primaries, with some Democrats opting to endorse in races that have multiple candidates from their party -- while the House majority leader says he'll stay neutral in GOP primaries.

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"One way to demonstrate caring for our military is to not avoid serving in it, you coward."
Rep. Grier Martin, D-Wake and an Afghanistan war veteran, responding to a tweet from President Donald Trump.
TWITTER, 1/18/18


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