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Subscription Information

The Insider State Government News Service offers the most comprehensive suite of products available to government affairs professionals in North Carolina.

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Delivered daily before 5 a.m., the Insider puts the information you need in your hands before important decisions are made.

The Insider features:

  • Original reporting from the legislature aimed directly at a professional audience
  • A complete briefing of relevant news items from news sources across the state
  • Complete listings of every bill introduced, including bill number, sponsor and title with direct links to bill texts
  • Recaps of what happened on the House and Senate floors, and in every committee
  • Comprehensive calendars of all legislative studies, committee and government meetings, and other events of interest
  • A fully searchable archive of thousands of daily insiders dating back to 1994, which makes researching the history of any relevant topic quick work
  • $1,199/year - Primary account
  • $420/year - Extra users


The Insider Legislative Tracking Service is a comprehensive legislative tracking system that combines cutting-edge database technology with an easy-to-use, web-based interface. It allows users to produce tracking reports in Microsoft Word format, see daily and weekly legislative calendars that show exactly when and where their bills are scheduled, receive emails whenever their bills are added to calendars, and much more.

Features Include:
  • Comprehensive, Accurate Legislative Coverage
  • Powerful Bill Tracking Features
  • Automatic Daily Alerts for Your Bills
  • Personalized Calendars and Schedules
  • Exclusive Bill Progress Reports
  • Email Reports, Bill Text and Documents to Others
  • Great-looking Tracking Reports
  • Flexible Bill Sorting & Filtering Options
  • True Multi-User Support

  • $1,800/session year - Primary account
  • $300/year - Extra users

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