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Subscribers to the Insider's Legislative Tracking Service may distribute the reports they build within the system, provided that the reports are based on designated bills of interest and are distributed to interested parties with a business relationship to the sender. For example, sending a report to the 300 members of your association showing the progress of 27 bills of interest would be fine, while publishing a daily list of all bills filed or all House/Senate actions to your web site would not. Additionally, a login to the Legislative Tracking Service may be shared by employees of the subscribing business or agency to track the business or agency's bills of interest. A single tracking subscription may not be shared by independent parties with disparate legislative interests. For instance, two parties who do not work together or routinely pay their bills together would not normally qualify for the Insider Additional User discount.

Subscribers may register up to five additional users at a special discount rate. Additional users must be co-workers at the same business or agency, engaged in the same business enterprise, located at the same physical location as the primary subscriber. Additional users will be assigned their own usernames and passwords, and will be bound by the same restrictions as primary subscribers. Primary subscribers who wish to sign up more than five additional users, or additional users who work at other physical locations, must get approval from The Insider.

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