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Apex Shooting

A man fatally shot by Apex police last week had aimed a shotgun and walked toward officers when he was shot, the town's police chief said Monday. Police identified the man as Stanley Edward Thompson. Apex Police Chief John Letteney said the shooting grew out of a noise issue. Thompson, 51, had called police Thursday night to report loud music coming from a car in a parking lot behind his home. "They're playing really loud music," Thompson said in his call to police. "They're hitting the woofer so hard it is vibrating my bedroom window."

Later, at about 10:20 p.m., police got a call from a second man who said his 22-year-old son had just been attacked by a person who had come into his parked car near the neighborhood pool and tennis courts. "My son was at the pool and someone just attacked him," the caller said. "Some guy was choking him around his neck. [My son] was trying to adjust his stereo, and this guy grabbed him. He jumped in the car on top of him." A police dog from the Wake County Sheriff's Office, which also sent deputies to the scene, tracked the scent of the man who had committed the alleged assault to close to the entrance of Thompson's townhome community on White Cloud Circle, Letteney said. Officers went door to door and when they reached Thompson's home asked him to come out, which he refused to do, Letteney said. At 10:37 p.m. the door opened, and a man emerged, holding a shotgun with thick black smoke behind him. No one else was in the townhouse, Letteney said. Officers, including one Apex police officer, fired their weapons, striking Thompson, the chief said. He did not say how many shots were fired or how many shots struck Thompson. Thompson, who had complained about noise before, did not fire his shotgun and no officers were injured, he said. Apex does not have body cameras, the chief said, but the department will see if patrol car cameras captured the incident. The shooting will be reviewed by the State Bureau of Investigation.