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Who says you can’t make an obscure joke in a routine campaign finance filing and wait two months for the wrong person to find it? Not Sean Haugh, that’s for sure. Haugh, the Libertarian who’s run three times for the U.S. Senate, is running for the state House this year in Durham. His campaign committee is named “Howdy Colin! Hope you are well.” That’s more exclamation marks than you’ll usually see in a campaign finance vehicle, and more well wishing. The “Howdy” is classic Haugh, who says it all the time. The Colin is Colin Campbell, the editor of the Insider.

Haugh said the name goes back to October, when Campbell tweeted about another Libertarian’s campaign committee, Ray Ubinger’s “Just Buying Permission to Vote For Myself.” When the time came in December for Haugh to pay his filing fee and create a committee for his race in House District 31, he hid a little joke for Campbell to stumble across in a routine campaign finance search. Campbell got scooped Thursday by WRAL News.

The campaign’s only donation is from Haugh himself: The $140 filing fee he paid to get on the ballot. He listed himself as Sean Haugh, Emperor of the USA & Protector of Mexico. His address? “The Universe” on Danbury Drive in Durham. “I’ve always tried to have fun with this and be lighthearted while getting the message out,” Haugh said.

That message is a staunchly Libertarian one. He wants to legalize drugs, starting with marijuana, given the growing popularity of that movement around the country. He wants to release every non-violent drug offender from prison, expunging their records and paying reparations for their time behind bars. He’d also end the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control system in favor of privatized liquor sales and cut taxes significantly. There’s no primary in the race, so Haugh won’t be on the ballot until the November general election. He faces incumbent Rep. Zack Hawkins, D-Durham, and Republican Steven W. Sosebee. [Source]

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