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Wilson 2nd Amendment

Coming off a successful meeting with local Republicans, Second Amendment sanctuary supporters plan to pack the house at Monday’s Wilson County Board of Commissioners meeting. Michael McCroskey has spearheaded the movement to see Wilson County join the more than 60 North Carolina counties that have passed resolutions showing support for the right to bear arms. Sanctuary supporters met with members of the Wilson County GOP on Tuesday. McCroskey said local Republicans were very supportive of his cause.

In response to McCroskey and news media questions, commissioners issued a statement late last week that says declaring Wilson County a gun rights sanctuary would be redundant because they’ve already sworn to uphold the Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment. “This oath is comprehensive and legally binding,” according to the statement. “Our oath applies to the entire U.S. Constitution and North Carolina Constitution and all amendments thereto. It is our job to ensure that county government operates in accordance with this oath.” Chairman Rob Boyette signed the statement and each commissioner’s name is listed beneath a heading that states “On behalf of the Wilson County Board of Commissioners.” [Source]

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